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  1. Are you also considering on-boarding new communities, or has it been postponed to after Covid-craze?
  2. Rafał Piasek

    LEGO House Live Tours

    Link to signup: Thanks @Francesco Spreafico https://legohouse.com/en-gb/what-s-on/lego-house-live-tours/
  3. Rafał Piasek

    LEGO House Live Tours

    Is it me or is the link missing?
  4. I wish you were doing it since 1st edition
  5. until
    That will be our third exhibition during Hobby Fair in Poznań. Last year we had 1200 square meters of exhibition space filled with Lego bricks models. We also had the longest train diorama built in Poland (39x1,5 meter). Will we manage to break those records this year? Come and check up yourself!
  6. until
    We will have our stand in the railroad show in Sosnowiec. We will be presenting our Train Diorama and Train models. Event has been postponed due to Corona Virus prevention. We do not know new date yet.
  7. until
    Exhibition of Zbudujm To!'s mocs, mainly concentrating on cities, trains and history. Open daily 8-16
  8. until
    Poland in Miniature is an exhibition around all things connected with trains. This is usually for Railroad Modelers, but this year Zbudujmy To! joined with their Brick Built Train Layouts.
  9. until
    Oppening of the exhibition "Secrets of the Castle". Lego model exhibition, play area, common building of the castle.
  10. Signups for workshops in Skaerbaek start tomorrow. Be quick if you want to reserve a spot. Go to member center at fanweekend.dk login and select there.
  11. Is there a chance you will make a presentation during Skaerbaek Fan Weekend and explain Lead User Lab in more detail?
  12. INDUSTRIADA – A FESTIVAL OF TECHNICAL LANDMARKS IN SILESIA We are part of Industriada exhibition showing our models and especially prepared models of industrial objects from Silesia presented in Naklo's Castle.
  13. until
    Small historic models exhibition in Castle Toszek, with oppening day connected to International Children Day.
  14. until
    Zbudujmy To! Exhibition at Warsaw's Book Fair 2019. Presentation of models inspired by books and movies. Big chunk of model are connected to Terry Prattchet's Disc World.
  15. until
    We will be exhibiting during Hobby Fair in Poznań in Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. We will be presenting our builds, have kids play area, interactive models and dioramas built especially build for this occasion.
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