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  1. Rafał Piasek

    Pixel Heaven Fest

    Zbudujmy To! will be exhibiting at the Retro Games Festival "Pixel Heaven", small moc exhibition and play area for kids is waiting for visitors.
  2. Rafał Piasek

    LEGO House AFOL activities - save the date

    Nice that you let us know so far in advance
  3. Rafał Piasek

    Cracow's Comics Festival

    Krakowski Festival Komiksu (Cracow's Comics Festival) run in Arteteka is an event connected with the art of comic books. Zbudujmy To! will have small exhibition there with models not only connected to comics.
  4. until
    Stories Built With Bricks Opening Model Exhibition is a display of models built by Zbudujmy To builders and guests. They will be shown in Regional Museum in Rzeszów. We will not be present there, but if you want to meet us, please join Oppening Event.
  5. Rafał Piasek

    Stories Built With Bricks Opening Event

    Stories Built With Bricks Opening Event is when you can meet the builders of the exhibited models, interact with them, play some games and take part in many brick activities and see interactive models and builds.
  6. Rafał Piasek

    A night @ the LEGO House

    Indeed really interesting contest! I recommend https://www.airbnb.com/night-at/lego-house link insead. It will redirect you to your language version of the page, pretty nifty, as not many people around the world speak Danish I see there is message from Jamie in multiple languages, but it lacks Polish. I can provide translation into Polish if you wish.