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  1. Hi people :)
    In case you need me and I am not online, this is how you can reach me:
    phone number/Viber: +381 63 867 0660

  2. Playing with LEGO bricks is one of my super great joys in life. Being creative, thinking how I can make something with bricks that are available, later sharing this with my friends on exhibits and future friends over internet, and even more later socializing with a cup of tea talking about news, new creations, our wishes and dreams about the future - I simply love being AFOL :)

    And AFOL stands for Adoult Fan Of LEGO :)
    Well, adoult if you count age :)

    1. Johan ROUX

      Johan ROUX

      Me too!!!

  3. Angeli Ivan

    SEALUG @ Emerald City Comic Con

    beautifull event, superb creations edit: I would love to see closeup of the Starcraft diorama
  4. Hi guys :) my e-mail is

  5. Angeli Ivan

    Beokocka - creations

    pictures of our creations from events
  6. Angeli Ivan

    The tenth jubilee big show in TC Karaburma


    looking forward to this event last one was great, so many things to look forward to
  7. Angeli Ivan

    Scarif by Ch'tiLUG

    it is beautiful, Stephanie and workign together on a diorama, it is reward by iteslf, isn;t it? I love the colors and details
  8. Hi guys. With all that is happening, I decided to relocate my resources. If you didn't use them, you will not notice; if you did, you will adapt.
    The Family stays the family :) We are going to move cities for you
    For the rest, from this point, if you need my time, you will have to earn it  lets first become friends.but I will be there for you for urgent and critical things. I wish you a lot of luck with your communities. LAN can be a great resource, use it wisely. I will try to help with the clutter download with posting when absolutely needed

  9. i don't know if there is any significance, but there are 666 profile views on my profile

    ... I gues it makes balance in the universe, regarding my last name ;)

  10. 2b.jpg.68c2caae2ee444522712f0f02c46c4c2.jpg

    LUGS United is, sadly, over. So, a whole year waiting for another one
    On the other hand, memories are fresh, so take a stroll trough our Blog and go trough few follow-up words

    And guys, see you real soon ;)

  11. Dear friends,
    due to the amount of work, for some time I will limit myself on being part of only essential conversations, with not more then few sentances per post, three max, and one post per day
    I can feel that my conversations are becomming more influenced by emotions, and I would like to get a grip of that

    too much activity can be as bad as absence of activity :)

    I will be available, if needed