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  1. Jetro de Château

    XVI Feria de Coleccionismo de Mungia

    HispaBrick Magazine participates in the 16th collectors fair in Mungia (Near Bilbao). The LEGO exhibition is a fixed feature of this event and this year we will have two exhibition rooms at our disposal for MOCs and dioramas.
  2. Happy to announce HispaBrick Magazine 029Portada029_Completa_low.thumb.jpg.6a854ff1725d40ab39589c6cfe2b04cc.jpg

  3. Russell told me about your post. Since it is a different kind of build than a pure mosaic, I will create another post just about this tower.


    1. Scott Bowman IdahoLUG

      Scott Bowman IdahoLUG

      Not sure how to tag you in the article that I just posted. Here is the link.

      By the way, I love your magazine and try to download it when I see it there. Is there a way to get a notice when you have have a new issue?

    2. Jetro de Château

      Jetro de Château

      Hi @Scott Bowman IdahoLUG you tag people by writing a @ and then their name. You'll see a list of names to choose from.

      You can subscribe to our newsletter from our website

      I also try to post the announcement for each new issue here on the LAN.

      And if you have anything that you think could make for an interesting article for the magazine, drop me a line!

  4. Jetro de Château

    HispaBrick Magazine Event 2017

    Main event of Hispabrick Magazine
  5. Jetro de Château

    The journey of the minifig - Photo contest

    Very nice and funny pictures. keep them coming!!
  6. Jetro de Château

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    Europe is a big place! +40ºC (+104ºF) in the south of Spain