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    "LEGOPÄEV 2018" event in Estonia, Kolga

    Picture gallery from the "LEGOPÄEV 2018" event in small city of Kolga in Estonia. This is the 3rd year of event being organised. The main focus is the contest for kids where they prepare their builds in advance and then come together with parents to the event and display their mocs for all visitors. It is a great way how to train the TFOLs to become the future AFOLs because they get a full experience how exciting it is to display their builds at a public LEGO themed event! There were also detailed MOC displays made by AFOLs of Estlug, Latlug and Litlug. Check the picture to get the flare of this event, Cheers!
  2. Peteris Sprogis | KeepOnBricking

    LEGO shop in Tartu, Estonia

    I recently visited the newly open LEGO shop in Tartu, Estonia and took some pics to share with You.
  3. Peteris Sprogis | KeepOnBricking

    Latlug display at an event in Riga, Latvia

    Latlug display at local event called "Bērnu Pasaule" ( Kid's World) in Riga, Latvia