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  1. until
    More information to follw
  2. until
    For information to follow.
  3. until
    Animation la citadelle de Besançon. More information to follow.
  4. Club Meeting
  5. until

    This Event has been reorganised to April 2021.
  6. until
    Our First event of the year; times and address will be updated in the new year.
  7. Management Meeting for lugest
  8. until
    LUG,est showing there MOC and many activitires for the public 3 euro entry. Dans le cadre de l'exposition BRIQUES EN ARBOIS, les élèves du groupe scolaire Saint Just d'Arbois ont réalisé une mosaïque de Louis Pasteur tout en lego. Celle ci représente 110 592 pièces et mesure 3m x 2m. C'est l'association LUG'EST qui est partie d'une carte postale de Louis Pasteur, retravaillée pour être adaptée en LEGO. Il leur aura fallu 8 séances, une quinzaine de membres à chaque atelier et une vingtaine d'heures de travail pour la terminer. Nous vous donnons donc rendez vous les 18 et 19 mai prochains à la Halle Sportive du Champ de Mars d'Arbois pour la découvrir. #briquesenarbois #saintjustarbois #arbois #lego #lesmaisonsdelouispasteur#coeurdujura #arboispolignysalinscoeurdujura
  9. Hey welcome to the group..........




      thanks Martin !
      I'm a little Padawan... I hope you will be my guide !

    2. Martin Clarke LUG'est

      Martin Clarke LUG'est

      Yes happy to help, shout if you need some information :)

  10. until
    A small event in the Jura : Doubs area for France. There will be members creation to see, Bricks to build your own creation plus other activities. For more info (en français) Please visit our website www.lugest.com
  11. You can only see the information is you are an ambassador or member of the LAN.
  12. Perhaps somewhere in here https://lan.lego.com/forums/forum/68-rlfmrloc-activity-support-program/
  13. until
  14. until

    I hope LUG'est will be there, tell me when the inscription open
  15. @Paul Striefler | LEGO Sadly my children have entered their dark age, but I remember those days of rattling boxes, and on one occasion my son rushing in the room when it was still dark outside to share his latest creation. As for the sorting most was kept in a chest of draws like yours, but only loosely sorted plates, bricks minifigs etc As a mocer now, I do not sort takes too much time. Here is the last box remaining from this years build.
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