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    LUG'est Brique De Gier

  2. Martin Clarke

    5ème CHTIBRICK Cysoing 2018


    I hope LUG'est will be there, tell me when the inscription open
  3. Martin Clarke


    @Paul Striefler | LEGO Sadly my children have entered their dark age, but I remember those days of rattling boxes, and on one occasion my son rushing in the room when it was still dark outside to share his latest creation. As for the sorting most was kept in a chest of draws like yours, but only loosely sorted plates, bricks minifigs etc As a mocer now, I do not sort takes too much time. Here is the last box remaining from this years build.
  4. Martin Clarke

    [Community Manager Weekly] The aftermath

    Hi Jan For the LEGO House will you still be the contact for recommending AFOL Builders for the Galleries, or have you passed this role to someone else. Thanks
  5. Martin Clarke

    Chti'BRICK Escaudoeuvres


    Sorry not this time,it is the week before our event in dole.
  6. Martin Clarke

    Chti'BRICK Escaudoeuvres


    Good Luck with the event
  7. Martin Clarke

    Brick a Dole

    Si vous voulez en prendre plein les yeux, rendez-vous les 21 et 22 octobre prochains à l’exposition Brick A Dole organisée par l’association LUG’est : 1500m² pour présenter de nombreuses créations sur des thèmes variés (Star Wars, Disney, trains, etc…) et mettre le steampunk à l’honneur. C’est l’une des meilleures expos LEGO en France, ne ratez pas l’occasion d’y aller si vous le pouvez ! If you want to take a good look at it, come on the 21st and 22nd of October to the exhibition Brick A Dole organized by the association LUG'Est: 1500m ² to present numerous MOC on various themes (Star Wars, Disney, trains, etc ...) and Paris 1889 This is one of the best LEGO exhibitions in France, do not miss the opportunity to go if you can!