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  1. I've still not built this, it's on my pile of shame. But I feel inspired to dig it out and give it a build now.
  2. I love it when LEGO inspires fans of other hobbies. Those alternate builds are very cool and H.O.G. is an amazing acronym. Looks like was a great little meet up!
  3. Would this be for example - a third party entity has created a lighting system for LEGO sets, which is something LEGO don't really produce but it's something many LEGO fans would like and it compliments already available products? Or am I way off?
  4. I'm still amazed by the passion fans of the show have. That's testament to the story telling and characters created by LEGO. Although it's a little tricky to stay up-to-date with the TV show here in the UK, the sets are amazing and seem to get better with each wave.
  5. I love seeing concept models and how the compare to the final product.
  6. Adam White

    April Fools!

    I did a couple on BricksFanz this year here and here they went down particularly well 😉
  7. Mine arrived crashed after being sent in an envelope as well, nothing directly from Blizzard apart from return it for a refund or replacement, which could take up to 3 weeks. Seems this is a wide spread issue!
  8. Here's what I've put out so far on BricksFanz: Celebrating 40 Years Of LEGO Minifigures How Minifigures Are Made Party Time For LEGO Minifigures (from earlier in the year but perfect for todays celebrations)
  9. Shared on BricksFanz today, I love these sort of books, hopefully I can get to Billund to buy one before they are sold out!
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