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  1. Pistoia NonSoloComics 2018

    PistoiaNonSoloComics is the ”classic” exhibition dedicated to the comics, games, toys and Cosplay. We will Expose some dedicated MOC, and particular SET.
  2. Collezionando 2018

    Collezionando 2018 is an exhibition dedicated to the collectible, toys, comics, and other collateral worlds. We will bring a selection of RARE and Vintage SETS. There also will be some workshop.
  3. PisaBrickArt 2017 4.0 Games

    OrangeTeam LUG annual main event will reach its fourth edition. PBA was born from the idea of creating a get-together that could be of interest to a more possible audience. It will treat simple arguments very different from each other so that the public (adults and children) could have fun and interact. There will be many LEGO Dioramas, MOCS some conferences, interactive board LEGO games, etc.
  4. Lucca Comics & Games 2017

    "Lucca Comics & Games" It's the second "Comics and Games" world fair (after Comiket of Tokyo and before Comicon of St. Diego). This Year one of the Guests will be Timothy Zahn (author of Star Wars comics) and many more that have yet to be announced. In the 2017 edition, "Lucca Comics & Games" and OrangeTeam LUG staff together for the forty years of the first STAR WARS movie, would like to present a LEGO Star Wars (diorama, MOC, Sets Etc.) exhibition, with many activities that can be done with the public (seminars, laboratories, Pick 'n build, etc.).