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  1. That looks pretty amazing, glad you had such a great experience. As for interacting with other hobby communities, a while ago I was invited to a community of military model kit builders, because of, ummm, some of my less pacifistic MOCs And I have to say it was a rather odd experience because the model kit builders turned out to be deeply entrenched in their way of thinking. It was very difficult to explain to them, for example, that I don't want to paint anything or cut any LEGO pieces, and they kept referring to what I was doing as "arranging bricks" rather than "building". After a while I've decided I don't quite fit in there and left. Too big of a difference in medium and approach.
  2. This is coming from my longtime experience with S@H, not from a community, but I'm always very fond of the Star Wars polybag mini sets. I have very much enjoyed the 30497 First Order Heavy Assault Walker set being added to a S@H order recently, in fact it was what prompted me to place an order. Since I own a number of these sets on a display (e.g. 30277, 30278 and 30279), it was very tempting to add the Walker to my collection. I think this is what makes the SW mini sets stand out as GWP sets: it's difficult to stop with just one. I now own eight of these, all displayed on a shelf (they take very little display space: another advantage) and I'm sure I will be tempted to get another when it's offered as a GWP set. They're so recognizable and poseable despite their size!
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