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    CMA’s annual holiday-season celebration of the creative potential of LEGO returns, featuring an enormous model of Columbus built collaboratively by OhioLUG. The installation includes the return of familiar landmarks, imaginative creations, and new additions.
  2. until
    While still at risk of not happening due to COVID-19, OhioLUG is excited to again display at the Champaign County Library. We're back and bigger & better than before! The 2020 display will be ~20% larger than 2019's, and is being tailored specifically to the library. We'll utilize various MOCs from established LEGO themes, like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as well as MOCs of literary works ranging from Dr Seuss to classics. Updated: 20 July to reflect new dates.
  3. We were invited to collaborate with a local school district which hosts a MOC build competition for elementary school-aged children. This is part of a larger in-school art program. That is, LEGO is just one facet of the event. Our LUG will: Meet with & advise the competitors prior to the competition. Each school Setup & staff a display of MOCs, Sets & Minifigs at the event. We'll engage with the broader school community who participate in the art day - even if they don't specifically compete in the LEGO build contest. Judge the competition Edit: Planned rescheduling for the fall. Edit 2: After further thought and planning, we were able to change this to a virtual event for the school district. We think a LEGO build competition will provide a fun, yet beneficial, activity for the students. And, the feedback and judging provides my LUG an activity to do as well. We are planning a series of Zoom meetings to discuss the student's builds.
  4. until

    This is the link for this year's show: https://www.columbusmuseum.org/art-exhibitions/arts/think-outside-the-brick/
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