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  1. I had this pricing pointed out to me too. This is similar to how Mindstorms have been priced for years. Individual parts being quite a bit higher in price to getting the same parts in sets. I think of it as LEGO Education pricing.
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    Held at the Big E fairgrounds in central Massachusetts the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show is one of the largest train shows anywhere... NELUG's train displays are always creative and entertaining.
  3. I'm thinking this is a way out for LEGO when it comes to all the current issues with PowerUp. Let the AFOLs take on the expense and risk of low volume solutions. LEGO will help the solutions that look promising. Ultimately it may lead to a relationship much like the one with HiTechnic.
  4. Tom Atkinson

    2x4 Day

    A day for socializing and building with 2x4 LEGO bricks. Open to the public until dinner time with member time until late. Plenty of 2x4 bricks will be provided to build with.
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    A large number of different scale train displays with NELUG's display being the representative of Minifig scale (and the only LEGO built display). Many vendors selling antique to new trains and toys. Come see NELUG's wonderful town/city/carnival/train yard display.
  6. Tom Atkinson

    Wenham Museum

    Wenham Museum hosts NELUG for an intimate LEGO experience. A 270+ sq. ft. display of town, train, carnival LEGO creations.
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    Held at the Big E fairgrounds in central Massachusetts the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show is one of the largest train shows anywhere... NELUG's train displays are always creative and entertaining.
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    This is the 19th year NELUG has participated in this event with an ever changing large train (and town) display. 10+ train displays, workshops, demonstrations and 350+ tables of trains for sale.
  9. Each motor has lived a long life of powering a GBC module (or portion thereof). I do not abuse motors. I gear them properly. I just wear them out. Good thing they are cheap...
  10. Jason I must disagree. PF motors have a limited life, train controllers seem to last forever. Once PF motors become unavailable without a conversion to PUP the train controllers will become useless. I own 90 train controllers and have only ever seen an issue with one I bought in a large lot (it still works, just full on). Dead motors:
  11. Yes these are the primary reasons 9V to PF worked. Although the PF battery in the middle is not an elegant solution (nor cheap) it does work. True but we would also need the reverse, attaching a new PUP female connector so we can drive PUP motors with 9V train controllers or PF battery boxes (or even IR receivers). I suspect currently these connectors are only manufactured in a PCB mount style. If TLG would sell the female connectors to 3rd party developers that would be amazing and open up lots of possibilities (although still not pure...). Is that really a possibility? I apologize for my gruffness in my prior post, this subject is too near and dear to me.
  12. I think it is a bit odd that LEGO with it's effort to be environmentally conscious is expecting all of this system to run on batteries. I understand there are concerns for child safety with anything that plugs into the wall but I don't see this as sustainable. Rechargeable batteries are an environmental issue as much (if not more so) than regular alkaline batteries. And guess what, they have to be plugged in to the wall anyway. As a heavy user of PF motors (even if I buy a couple of hundred more right now) I am going to go ahead and predict that Great Ball Contraption as a major attraction will die. The lack of backwards compatibility is truly against TLG's own tried and tested rule that allows everything ever made to work somehow with everything made today. Kim's point of view that the AFOLs should develop solutions to power and control plus adding compatibility while possible, is not realistic. I think this is especially true with their "designed and patented" connector as it will surely cause legal issues. Will TLG sell us AFOLs the female connectors? Not likely. On top of that us purests wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I will be whining about this direction for quite some time...
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    Annual LEGO train display by NELUG. This small local museum has been hosting NELUG's LEGO train display in a function room for many years. This event historically has been their big weekend of the year.
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    50th anniversary show. Over 60 operating layouts of every gauge. Large multiclub LEGO train display. http://www.railroadhobbyshow.com
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    We also regularly do their event in late March in the same location in Wilmington, MA. They have a couple of other shows in the New England area, we've done one in Hartford, one in Manchester and now they've added another one in Hanover (IIRC), but Wilmington is our mainstay.
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