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  1. Anna

    Building set 21313 Ship in a bottle

    I love the bottle, and the stand. But the ship just seems to be cut off at the top. I wonder if rotating the bottle so it sits at an angle would give a bit more room to make the sails taller. Otherwise lovely set.
  2. Anna

    60 year LEGO Brick celebration

    Gosh, those old sets are in beautiful condition! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEGO!
  3. Anna

    So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    I so want to like this touching story and wonderful pictures more than once! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Anna

    So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    Ahhh...!!! What a nice collection of Christmas cards! They are definitely brag-worthy, and thanks for sharing! Wishing everyone a wonderful, prosperous and positive New Year!
  5. Anna

    [Community Manager Weekly] - Celebrating 85 yrs of Play

    Booo!!! Illegal building technique alert! Second picture! And that wooden tower looks very precarious! Looks like it was a really fun event!
  6. Anna

    Another Monday, another day!

    Thanks, Nathan! Looking forward to hear about it!
  7. Anna

    Another Monday, another day!

    Just wondering; what is the planned future of Remake? I really like the website and the whole idea of alternate instructions, and I often send people over who are looking for alternate models for their sets. But there haven't been any new models added for quite a while.
  8. Anna

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    Ahhh, that's more to my liking!
  9. Anna

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    Awww... thanks! Europe is too cold for a Floridian though. And I would miss our gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, dolphins, and... alligators. I guess there are goods and bads everywhere.
  10. Anna

    [Community Manager Weekly] Back on the job

    You Europeans and your long vacations! I'm so jealous! But glad to hear you are back. It sounds daunting to catch up with so much! Like when building, take one step at a time, and eventually you will make it to the end of that long list. Exciting to hear that you are coming to the US!