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  1. This topic came up before when some Ambassadors seemed surprised and/or overwhelmed at the job. I had posted this in another Thread back in January, when the (2) Ambassador idea was discussed back then. I feel like TLG sets pretty clear expectations before they onboard a Group, but individuals don't even bother to assess their responsibilities and 'click' to sign on. And if a Group does get "off-boarded," it's not the end of the world. Regroup. Maybe your organization doesn't need the recognition and responsibilities and reporting requirements to achieve your Group's goals. That is a dialogue every Group should revisit once in a while. But, I'll include this information for individuals who may not recall: When our Group was accepted into the LUG, we received a very detailed message from TLG about selecting only a single person to be a representative on the LAN It will be important to discuss with your community how to best select your ambassador. Requirements of an Ambassador: Fluent in written and spoken English Minimum 18 years old Understands the LEGO Brand Values Individual principles are in line with the LEGO Brand Values Participate on the LAN multiple times per week Acceptance of being a public person. At no point will a member of the AFOL Engagement department or the LEGO Group appoint a specific person from a community to become the ambassador. It would be difficult to know who the ambassador should be, prior to knowing the expectations for the role. For this reason, the individual who submits the form to gain their community recognition is not automatically the ambassador either. Choosing the right ambassador is an important step to ensuring a strong and stable relationship between the Recognized Community and the LEGO Group. It is a time-consuming task to be the Ambassador and therefore we do not recommend putting the ambassadorial task on top of other key functions within the community. Being, for example, both Chairperson and Ambassador can easily be too much, and we have also seen that distributing the key community functions on as many community members as possible create great transparency and member satisfaction. The Ambassadors of the Recognized Communities are viewed as public persons by the LEGO Group, meaning that they are expected to accept a certain level of public disposure. They are not expected to act as the Recognized Community’s spokesperson as that is for the Recognized Community to decide. In most cases the LEGO Group will refer any outreach from within the company to the Ambassador and any 3rd party outreach is directed to the contact information in the Community Profile on LAN. It is expected that since the LAN is public, most media will ask for the Ambassador when engaging the Recognized Community at events or similar. It is therefore expected that the Ambassador is prepared to meet media at an event and speak on behalf of the Recognized Community he/she represents and answer questions related to the LEGO Ambassador Network and being part of it. As the Ambassador function is viewed as a public person by the LEGO Group, it is expected that the Ambassador in his/her function accepts that his/her name and/or picture may be shared in media by the LEGO Group for example in relation to an activity driven by the LEGO Group such as, but not limited to; workshops, visits, conventions, events and other activities where the LEGO Group’s employees may meet and engage with an Ambassador. Ambassador Expectations: To be the single point of contact between the LEGO Group and the Recognized Community he/she represents. Brings topics raised in the community to the LAN for the benefit of other Ambassadors and Recognized Communities. Share information from the LAN to the Recognized Community she/he represents. To ensure that all formal requirements related to reporting, sign ups, etc. are met. To actively engage and participate on the LAN. To distribute and participate in surveys that are generated by the LEGO Group. To keep the LAN Engagement Team updated on any changes in the Recognized Community, be it address changes, change in Ambassador, structure, inability to meet requirements or other relevant information. The Ambassadorial role is public, and the ambassador must accept having name and picture shared when participating in community activities where media is present.
  2. I can provide insight for our own Group, as we lost our status a couple years ago. We had an Ambassador who didn't understand how to interact with the LAN and regarded it more as a forum or blog. We also put someone in that position who had no daytime access to the internet, which was a mistake. This person rarely visited the LAN, never submitted reports and was late submitting LUGBULK. If your Group isn't doing these things, TLG has no idea how you are interacting with the Product if you don't product feedback to them. We also suffered the death of two members and really needed time to regroup our membership and really had no business being a Recognized LUG at the time and it was appropriate for us that it was rescinded. It gave us time to focus on how to move forward and reapply when we ready.
  3. @Jordan Paxton, When you say today is the last day to sign up. Is the deadline, always 24 hours before and is time sensitive, depending on where you live? And do you get an email confirmation of some kind for each one? These are questions from my Peanut Gallery
  4. until
    Members of GFLUG plan to visit Arnold Palmer's Children Hospital and visit with the Child Life staff in the Disney Family Lobby and deliver LEGO sets for children and their families. This event date is tentative due to the CDC Guidelines in Florida regarding COVID19
  5. until
    Enjoy all your favorites-- LEGO SuperHeros, Star Wars, and Cosplay all in one event! Get involved building with us or just come and visit our exhibit.
  6. until
    Annual Holiday Model Train Show and sale feature large scale hobby layouts of LEGO, G-Scale, and Lionel Trains. Talk to local hobbyists about HO trains and how to find local clubs and build displays.
  7. until
    Visit dozens over a hundred vendors and 25 working train layouts over two days. Come visit us as we run more than a dozen LEGO trains across various track and layouts.
  8. until
    The Shopping Day is still scheduled The Meet Up will be held virtually on Zoom, at 7pm. Contact us for a link
  9. until
    Our next Meet Up will be Sunday, March 1st, 11am - 1pm at the Tampa Hackerspace. This will be a social and project Meet Up to talk about GBC, lighting MOCs with LED, and how to best utilize Bricklink, PABa and Bricks and Pieces. Tampa Hackerspace is the host organization for the Tampa Makerfaire, one of the events on our calendar this year. The Meet Up will include a tour; please wear closed-toe shoes.
  10. until
    Hundreds of displays, artists, cosplay, and exhibits. Meet celebrities and attend panel discussions at this 4-day event. GFLUG provides a large display operating GBC and static display on the floor off the convention for fans.
  11. National Train Day is celebrated across the United States. Come down to Tampa's Historic Union Station and learn about the history of trains and downtown Tampa. See the GFLUG operating layout and talk to members. Consult the website for parking and times.
  12. until
    This is the 44rd Annual Family Train Show & Sale at the Bradenton Convention Center. See operating layouts and over 150 tables of vendors and LEGO trains. Children under 13 get in free with an adult.
  13. until
    Annual Holiday Model Train Show and sale feature large scale hobby layouts of LEGO, G-Scale, and Lionel Trains. Talk to local hobbyists about HO trains and how to find local clubs and build displays.
  14. until
    All aboard! Children of all ages are invited to take the North Pole Express on a magical journey through the holiday lights in Largo Central Park, to get to the North Pole. Activities inside the North Pole include crafts, games, cocoa, cookie decorating, meeting Santa and more. Sleigh bells will be given to each child. GFLUG will have a holiday themed LEGO train exhibit. This is a new event for our LUG.
  15. until
    MakerFaire Orlando a non-profit, community-organized, family-friendly celebration featuring local do-it-yourself science, art, rockets, robots, crafts, technology, music, hands-on-activities, and more. It’s an event where people show what they are making and share what they are learning. The individuals and groups behind these exhibits are known as “Makers” and they range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds. The aim of Maker Faire is to entertain, inform, connect and grow this community. GFLUG participates as one of the 300 interactive booths.
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