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  1. We start to design something to make. We take a lot of time to what we make. finally we deside to make below. Our country map and LOVE. I hope everything will heal with love. We start to make it next week.
  2. Our member get 21322 we look forward to build this product. although we can’t meet now because of COVID19, we hope COVID19 will disappear soon. We are building lego personally. we will share our member’s creature. TO BE CONTINUED
  3. We start to assemble 10272 old trafford we anticipate in first stadium product’s shape
  4. We Finally Finished 75252!! Completed after 3 weeks of hard work. Last Step is similar to 76023. We think 75252 is stronger than 10030. Look at that beautiful figure.
  5. Let's Make 75252
  6. BrickMuseum's Exhibition in Lotte Hotel Jeju Under the Sea Windmill and train station Imperial Inspection
  7. BrickMuseum's Exhibition Orchestra of Paris
  8. In Coex Brick Live Spring Train Station
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