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I have been collecting Lego since 1974, and have an interest in a wide variety of themes.  As a child I preferred Classic Space and Castle, then I moved into Trains and Technical.  Then as they came out I collected Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Christmas village, Creator Modular Buildings and Amusement Park rides.  

I was one of the founders of NALUG in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  In university I suggest to a Usenet Newsgroup's members that maybe we should meet in person instead of just online and the first ever meeting of the group that became NALUG happened a few weeks later.  I was on the executive of that LUG when life came along and interfered and I moved across the country to New Brunswick.  Here I have found a new LUG community that has just achieved RLUG status and we are very excited about that.  

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