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  1. One more year we collaborate with Hotel Cemar to make a huge LEGO creations exposition. These year we have the collaboration of Familias Azuis, a NGO expecialited in help families with autism members, they children expose their creations. I hope all of you enjoy the photos the same we enjoy making these event.
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    One more year Galibricks go to Hotel Cemar to make a great expositión wit more than 300.000 bricks, a lot of sets, MOCs and these year with the help of "Familias azuis" a NGO that heps and suport familys with childrens with autism. You could see a whole table with creations of childrens of this NOG. We hope that all of you could enjoy this expositión.
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    Galibricks is invited to a two-day dioramas exhibition, there will be examples of different types of toys that create incredible scenes and dioramas. Galibricks is responsible for the LEGO part, with more than 400,000 bricks from our private collections.
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    Every year takes place Hobbycon, a sci-fi meeting were Galibricks colaborate with an exibition of sci-fi sets or MOCs. These year we bringth to these celebration the Helm´s Deep diorama, choosen by the visitors of Paredes de Coura as the best MOC in exibition.
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