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    "No more than 18 years old" is the group game of FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA of the month of August 2020. This photo contest involves only children and teenagers under the age of 18. A game just for them! The author will have to create a scene with his own Minifigure® LEGO® and photograph it. The theme is free and we hope in a rich participation. 15 days to post an image and 7 days to rate the photos of the participants. To the winners a set LEGO®
  2. Alessio Varisco

    LEGO Group History

    These texts are exciting to read. Thank you Jan Beyer!♥️
  3. Thank you Sara Skahill! I shared it with my community this morning. It would be nice to read an interview also written of the current managers who told a bit of history of the company; I would like and I would be fascinated. ♥️
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    The Group game of the month of July 2020 is titled "MY MINI ME". ☺️ Participants will have to take a photo selfie with the Minifigure® LEGO® that represents him the most. They will post the images until July 19 in the event of the Facebook Group of FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA; then until July 25 all Members will vote for the most beautiful and funny photos. Also for this game are provided Set LEGO® winners.
  5. wow ☺️
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    FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA RLOC presents the Constructive Group Game (GDGC) with the theme "Build the Camera" The game has a month to allow everyone to participate! PURPOSE With the LEGO® bricks that you have at your disposal, each script will have to build a CAMERA. REGULATION The construction will be posted in the same event in the Facebook Group FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA RLOC. The main photo will be the one then voted; in the comments you can include details and other perspectives. A descriptive accompanying caption will be appreciated. You can POST ONLY ONE PHOTO BY AUTHOR from 1 June 2020 to 30 June 2020 at 22 (Italy). Then the images will be collected on an album that will be posted on the group FACEBOOK FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA RLOC. The images included in the album will be voted by all Members through the emoticons proposed by Facebook. You can VOTE from 1 July 2020 to 5 July 2020 at 22 (Italy) AWARDS There will be two SET offered by LEGO: one for the winner (with equal votes decides the Administration of FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA) and another in the judgment of a selected jury. We are sure of a great participation of Group! Have fun! ... and play well!
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    Here we are at the new Group Game of FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA! In June we will have fun with the animals! Take your favorite CLICK, with one of your animal friends: whether it’s a real animal LEGO®, or built with bricks, or a mix... the important thing is to entertain us! REAL ANIMALS IN THE FLESH AND BONES ARE NOT ALLOWED. You can PUBLISH only one photo, from Sunday 07 to Sunday 21 June 2020 (22:00 UTC Rome +1). VOTING will take place immediately after, until Saturday, June 27, 2020 (22:00 UTC Rome +1), through a new post with Album at the head of the Home of the Group. The winning photo will be used as the Group’s cover image for the next week, and will receive a GIFT SET LEGO®. In the event of a tied vote, the Group administration will decide the winning image of the GDG. The games of FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA are based on fun, sharing and above all fairness.
  8. Can I propose to put subtitles also in video interview? Thank you. I really enjoyed this content and I hope one day I can come and visit the LEGO HOUSE in person and get to know all of you.
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    FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA RLOC with friends Orange Team LUG share a photo group game themed "Minifigure® in quarantine". Members must build a scene with their own Minifigure®. What do they do in this quarantine period? Two weeks to post the photograph and a few days to vote on the images. The first two classified a SET LEGO®
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    "Minifigure® at work" is the new Group game of the month of May 2020 on FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA. Members will have to build a work scene using bricks and Minifigures® LEGO®. A photograph for Author posted for two weeks, the third week will vote the collected photographs. To the first place finisher and the participants LEGO® SET.
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    Wow, how beautiful Anna!☺️
  12. Hello Signe and greetings to all the Ambassadors and the LEGO Team. FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA is close to all Lugs, which at this time can not do physical events. Fortunately there is the web, online and other media! For our part, not being able to exhibit the photographic exhibitions, we grow the activities on the "network" through all our channels, very followed. We are having a strong growth in interactions and a lot of people are getting closer to the community. Thank you all for the ideas and curiosities that you transmit on the LAN. We hope that this time will pass quickly so that we all see each other again in the events! We miss your company and your hugs!♥️
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    Here we are at the new FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA Group Game! This month we will have fun together with the theme of April, that is: "THE MINIFIGURE® RIGHT IN THE RIGHT PLACE". Click the CLICK with the MINIFIGURE® right, recreate special situations, iconic, new... where your MINIFIGURE® socks to brush! You can publish only one photo, from Sunday 05 to Sunday 19 April 2020 (22:00 UTC Roma +1). The VOTATIONS will take place immediately after, until Saturday 25 April 2020 (22:00 UTC Roma +1), through a new post with Album at the head of the Group’s Home. The winning photo will be used as a cover image of the Group for the following week, and will receive a LEGO®SET as a GIFT. The games of FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA are based on fun, sharing and above all fairness.
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