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  1. Build the Florence Cathedral

    Event by ToscanaBricks and ItLUG where we'll be building "live" a model of the Florence Cathedral (including the Baptistery and Giotto's bell tower) in the museum next to the actual Cathedral, in the heart of Florence.
  2. ItLUG partecipa a "GameCom Pordenone" 2017

    For the second year ItLUG will have a space inside the GameCom-Comics Movies & Games Pordenone convention. With MOC Exhibition.
  3. Another Brick in Albese - ItLUG Albese 2018

    For the third year in the small town of Albese, the first ItLUG event of the year. With MOC exhibition and activities for AFOLs and kids.
  4. [Community Manager Weekly] AFOL test visit @ the LEGO House

    It was really great! I just got home and I can't wait to go back again. Obviously I spent most of the time in the basement, in the History zone, but everything was simply awesome. Is it September 22 yet?
  5. [Still Untitled ItLUG event at the Pirelli Tower]

    A small but important exhibition at the 31st (and last) floor of the Pirelli Tower in Milan (the Italian tallest skyscraper from 1960 to 1995). This exhibition will feature reproductions of buildings from the Italian region of Lombardy.
  6. Brick Generation Days

    For the first time ever, ItLUG will hold a small event in southern Italy!
  7. ItLUG partecipa a Ville aperte 2017

    Small event held by ItLUG during the "Ville aperte" (open villas) initiative.
  8. ItLUG partecipa alla “Festa delle corti” 2017

    Small event held by ItLUG during the local town celebrations. More info:
  9. ItLUG partecipa allo "Scigalott d'or" 2017

    A small event, held by ItLUG during the biennial celebration of the local district. More info:
  10. BorgoBrick - ItLUG Borgoricco 2017

    One of the main ItLUG events. Now at its fourth edition. More info:
  11. ItLUG Lecco 2017

    ItLUG's most important event, now at its 12th edition. In the wonderful new building of the Lecco branch of the Politecnico di Milano about 200 AFOLs will gather from all Europe to exhibit their MOCs and have fun. More info on