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  1. The link goes to the Visitor Zone, that Ambassadors weren't able to visit. But it does work for me now, so something changed, yay! (Please don't change it back, it's useful for Ambassadors too, mainly when other AFOLs ask you what to do to become recognized, we know where to send them in detail instead of a vague "Go to the LAN and look for it"). PS: @Jordan Paxton The link doesn't go to "Rules and Guidelines", though, it goes to "Welcome".
  2. I've already received invitations for all of the tours, so, if you haven't, it's worth having them check.
  3. What a wonderful initiative, thank you! One hour per session, that is a lot! Fantastic!
  4. I always loved how, included in the brick samples you can find what would become the starting point for the LEGO Minitalia brick 12 years later! (Fifth brick on the left, X-support) Happy Patent Day!
  5. It was a great evening! Thank you Jan, Astrid and everyone else involved! :-)
  6. until
    CLV and ItLUG go to Gardaland for the first time with a joint Christmas/Winter exhibition inside of Santa Claus' Magic Village during the special winter opening of the park, called "Gardaland Magic Winter". The park will be open the first two full weekends of December and then every day (except Christmas day) from December 21st to January 6th.
  7. until
    Two days of Coding and Robotics workshops organized by the local Talent Garden with our help.
  8. until
    [Originally scheduled in April, the event was moved to October because of the Coronavirus emergency.] [Previsto in origine ad aprile, l'evento è stato spostato a ottobre per l'emergenza Coronavirus.] One of our main events of the year, set in two different gyms in the town of Villa di Serio.
  9. until
    Back again in the town of Albese for our first exhibition of the year, now in its fifth year!
  10. until
    We're back in the wonderful Castle of Trezzo for the second year, for a small Christmas exhibition.
  11. until
    We're back again in the town of Como, this year in a new, central location, with a small exhibition. This year's theme: robots. But not just that! We'll also host a small #BuildtoGive event for children.
  12. It was a great evening! Can't wait to know what's up next!
  13. until
    A new event in the evocative location of the "Water Caretakers's House".
  14. until
    A new one-day event part of the local Expo called "Expo Brianza".
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