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    Guest Blog Post: ItLUG Lecco 2018

    On the last week-end of July, ItLUG held its main event in the town of Lecco: ItLUG Lecco 2018. It's our biggest and oldest event, its first edition was in 2006 in a nearby town, and since 2014 it's been in the modern local branch of Milan's Politecnico University, with its huge classrooms that are just perfect for a LEGO® exhibition. This year we had more than 200 registered AFOLs, coming from all over the country and also from the rest of Europe: France (LUG'est), Romania (Asociatia Brickenburg), Croatia (Kockicke), Switzerland (SwissLUG), Germany and the Netherlands. I will not a make a list of my favorite MOCs because I'm sure I'd leave something awesome out, the quality of all of them was amazing... just look at the photos! I'll just mention the very big ones... LUG'est's Paris Steampunk 1889, Brickenburg's Advanced Blacktron Spaceship, ItLUG and Toscanabricks' Duomo di Firenze, CLV's Cime di Lavaredo, and ItLUG's Centro Piacentiniano di Bergamo. Besides the exhibition we also had different kinds of activities, for AFOLs and the public: - The Vintage Museum. It has become a tradition for this event to have a section of a classroom dedicated to vintage LEGO wooden toys and early sets, to show how things used to be once; - The AFOL Video Quiz. Just for AFOLs, a quiz where participants had to guess sets and answer questions based on videos and images shown on a screen; - LEGO WeDo workshops for kids. This was a great success last year, so we decided to do it again... and it was again a success! - The Robot Sumo Tournament. Another tradition, every year with more and more teams "fighting" each other to win the tournament; - A LEGO SERIOUS PLAY® seminar for parents and children; - The CreActive contest for children, where children can build something at home and bring it to the event; - The Pick n' Build play area, where children (and adults) can build whatever they want right there at the event; - A GBC layout; - The Divine Brick-Comedy; a photo project recreating Dante's Inferno with BrickHeadz; - A presentation about the history of the 2x4 brick, to celebrate the 60 years of the brick. Flickr album:
  2. Francesco Spreafico

    LEGO House documentary

    It's finally available in Italy! Thanks! Maybe in other countries too?
  3. Francesco Spreafico

    Guest Blog Post: ItLUG Borgoricco 2018

    On July 7-8 ItLUG had one of it main events in Italy: ItLUG Borgoricco 2018 - BorgoBrick, in the small town of Borgoricco, near Padua and Venice, in northern-east Italy. This event has been going on for five years now, and this year we were back to its alternative locations, the Civic Center and the Museum of Roman Centuriation, because its "usual" location, the nearby school, is currently closed for renovation. This also meant we had to add two big tents outside to be able to display all the MOCs that had been registered. The event took place during the local town fair, and it being summer and set in a very hot area, on Saturday we opened late in the afternoon and remained open all the evening; this proved to be a smart decision, since we had a lot of people visiting during the whole time we were open to the public. On Sunday we had more "classic" 9-to-6 opening times, but since it was Sunday, that worked great too. 42578068734_1080p.mp4 Complete Flickr album: Please remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
  4. Francesco Spreafico

    CONTEST: Architecture Faves

    This is really interesting! I'll share it with my members right now.
  5. Francesco Spreafico

    ItLUG partecipa alla Festa delle Corti 2018

    For the fourth year, we're back to the town festival in Garlate (near Lecco, Italy). During this weekend, many of the old courtyards (the "corti" of the event's name) of the town feature activities or local food. And one of these activity is an exposition made by us in the local theatre.
  6. Francesco Spreafico

    ItLUG partecipa a “Mattoncini in Festa!”

    For the first time in the town of San Stino di Livenza, near Venice.
  7. Francesco Spreafico

    LEGO House documentary

    Not available yet in Italy, apparently. 😥 I hope it will be soon! Any other unlucky countries?
  8. Francesco Spreafico

    The mosaic is done!

    It's just awesome! I'm just sorry I won't be able to see it in person!
  9. Francesco Spreafico

    Brick Generation Days 2018

    The second edition of the first ItLUG event in southern Italy! Even though the event is small, last year it was a huge success and we even had international guests! This year we aim to do even better!
  10. Francesco Spreafico

    ItLUG partecipa alla 41a Manifestazione Sanfioranese

    ItLUG is back at this local celebration with a small exhibition over the weekend.
  11. Francesco Spreafico

    Moltebricks 2018

    A local exhibition event in the town of Molteno, this year in a new venue!
  12. April 14-15th ItLUG held not one but two important events in Italy: "Mattoncini in Villa", in the town of Villa di Serio (near Bergamo) and "Mattoncini in città", in the town of Udine, in north-eastern Italy. "Mattoncini in Villa" was at its third edition, and to the two classic gyms we used in the past for the exhibition, a third one was added this year, and it really helped with the children play area and with the flow of visitors. At the event we displayed our two community projects built last year, the reproduction of the "Centro Piacentiniano" of Bergamo (for the first time so close to its "hometown", Bergamo), and the "Pirellone", the reproduction, almost 2 meters tall, of the historical Milan skyscraper, that is generally in display inside the actual building (it's back there now, if you happen to pass by, right at the entrance). Besides these big projects we also had dozens of other MOCs and activities for the public and for AFOLs (like a LEGO® Serious Play course). "Centro Piacentiniano" of Bergamo "Pirellone", the historical Milan skyscrape Complete Flickr album for Mattoncini in Villa. The other event of the week-end was "Mattoncini in città" in Udine, also at its third edition. We had many great creations there too (some of which recently seen in the Kockice event in Croatia), just let me point out the amazing 1960s train display, with a huge brick-built LEGO Gnome/Mascot and all its little "brothers". 1960s train display LEGO Gnome/Mascot Complete Flickr album for Mattoncini in città. Please remember to follow the blog by clicking the "Follow" button on the Blog main page for more great articles.
  13. Francesco Spreafico

    BorgoBrick - ItLUG Borgoricco 2018

    ItLUG midsummer event is back in the town of Borgoricco once more, with a big exhibition and activities for adults and children alike.
  14. Francesco Spreafico

    Tree of Creativity –LEGO House exclusive retail model

    That's just awesome! Can't wait to get one!
  15. Francesco Spreafico

    Book around the LEGO House

    We were told, at the LEGO House, that they will not sell out. 2000 should just be the initial print run.