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    So it's 2018 and we're already 2 weeks in

    My Mother is 100% Danish and is first born generation of the family here in the US. Celebrating Christmas and all things Danish is a huge part of our family which was passed on to me and passed on to my children. We have many relatives in Denmark and my youngest even did a year abroad in Copenhagen. My Mother died last year from Alzheimer's and we had to downsize her things as my Father moved to a one bedroom senior living apartment. One of her prized possessions was a huge collection of Christmas stamps. Here are her favorites that are still on the wall in my Fathers apartment. Here is a needlepoint she painted and then stiched: My aunt made this needlepoint for Mom after she visited Denmark for the first time: She also collected Dansk Christmas plates and all sorts of Dala horses: And finally, something very dear to her, the first MOC that I made for her...a Danish Flag Bird House. This was when I was re-engaging with LEGO building when I was in my 30's maybe...I am just a wee bit older than that now. Not sure why this all came out Kim...your comment on the Christmas stamps just got me thinking of Mom and I wanted to share this incredible lady with all of you.
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    [Community Manager Weekly] Seasons Greetings

    Best of luck, Paul!
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    STEM Moon Shot

    The IdahoLUG along with IdeaBRICKworks, Idaho STEM Action Center, Boise State University, and Micron Foundation is sponsoring a huge LEGO themed event to encourage kids of all ages to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. As part of the Engineering and Science Festival, an annual event by the Engineering Department of BSU, kids will help Scott Bowman (IdahoLUG Ambassador and principal of IdeaBRICKworks) to build an 11.5 foot tall model of the Saturn V moon rocket. This is only one activity that uses LEGO as engagement and celebration of space. Kids will also be able to make a small version of the Saturn V that uses custom stickers as a way to remember the learning and fun of the day. Come join us for a day full of wonder, excitement, building, and LEGO!
  4. Russell told me about your post. Since it is a different kind of build than a pure mosaic, I will create another post just about this tower.


    1. Scott Bowman IdahoLUG

      Scott Bowman IdahoLUG

      Not sure how to tag you in the article that I just posted. Here is the link.

      By the way, I love your magazine and try to download it when I see it there. Is there a way to get a notice when you have have a new issue?

    2. Jetro de Château

      Jetro de Château

      Hi @Scott Bowman IdahoLUG you tag people by writing a @ and then their name. You'll see a list of names to choose from.

      You can subscribe to our newsletter from our website

      I also try to post the announcement for each new issue here on the LAN.

      And if you have anything that you think could make for an interesting article for the magazine, drop me a line!