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    LELEZHEN 2019 Winter MOC Competition "Chinese style spaceship"
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    Entrance to the event: http://www.lelezhen.com/index.php?thread-105654.htm
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    This time is "Free Style" online competition on LELEZHEN website. There are 40 MOC submitted. http://www.lelezhen.com/index.php?forum-24-3.htm&tagids=110
  4. During the weekend of Aug 24~25, 2019, the third AFOL Festival was hosted at Shanghai, China. Participating RLUGs: China LUG, LELEZHEN LUG, Heros Club LUG, SHLUG, Canton LUG, Hong Kong Brick Rail and Brickinside Participating RLFM: MOCOZONE, Wooden Duck This year we have 130+ AFOLs across the country and 4 friends from Korea participated this BIG DAY event, and have thousands of public visitors in two days. Compare with year one and two, our AFOL family in China is growing bigger and faster than we thought. The exhibition was hosted at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, located on People's Square, Shanghai, adjacent to the municipal government building. Paul Huang, General Manager of LEGO China, made an opening speech at AFOL Festival. This year we see many more high quality MOCs were brought to the event. Mr Stuart Harris from LEGO Group made speech about LEGO house, and answered many questions from fans who are curious about the place. We also have Donny joined this party, who is the first LEGO Ideas 10K club member from mainland China. And he also made a presentation about his experience of his LEGO IDEAS project. Besides exhibition, we also have many interesting games at the party. One of my favorite game is MOC competition based on parts from one existing LEGO Set. This lovely rooster is created by parts from LEGO Creator 3in1 Set 31088 by @Jiayuan Xu Mr Harris visited my booth and took photo with me. 1st CN ambassadors gathering. Finally, thanks to all volunteers, all people who helped with this big party! Without help from all of you there will never be so great memory for us!
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    Online competition on LELEZHEN website. There are 26 MOC submitted. http://www.lelezhen.com/index.php?thread-105339.htm
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