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  1. Richard Jones

    LEGO House Live Tours

    I don't think I heard the story about the airstrip/half share in an airplane previously. The fact that the electronic train had a "Mindstorms like pricetag" was also surprising.
  2. Richard Jones

    LEGO House Live Tours

    Ideally, you should have received confirmation emails after signing up and another email in the last 24 hours with details of the teams meeting for signing up to the tour...
  3. until
    Inspired by the LEGO® DC Superheroes Collectable Minfigures, I would like to challenge you to build a minifigure habitat for a hero. But it does not need to be for a DC Superhero. Marvel Superheroes are also valid, and since not all Superheroes Wear Capes and crazy costumes: LEGO City characters who do heroic things can also be used: Emergency services, Teachers, the person who fixes you Wi-Fi connection. Entries are open around the world, and there are prizes, courtesy of the AFOL Engagement Team. Check out the full details at this link .
  4. To celebrate the release of series 19 of the collectable minifigures, I am running a competition. Build a minifigure habitat for a chance to win a complete set of Series 19 minifigures, and a LEGO Shoping spree. Details can be found at https://ramblingbrick.com/2019/09/15/build-a-habitat-for-a-minifigure-to-win-a-set-of-series-19-collectable-minifigures/
  5. I know that they are, Kevin. It is just a matter of time before the possibilities are opened up.
  6. At the Rambling Brick, we have started to publish some articles based on the content from RLFM Days. In particular, putting together the information based on the Powered Up presentation/interview, as well as my interview with the Technic team. Hopefully this might help you to understand the Differences between Powered Up and Control+ Apps, and what you can do with them, Today https://ramblingbrick.com/2019/08/04/a-mans-got-to-know-his-limitations-control-and-powered-up-apps-august-2019/
  7. I believe that USA do it by cupfuls, but they have LEGO brand retail, rather than certified stores. LEGO certified stores are more common through Asia, Southern Europe, and South America and typically go by weight on their PaB walls. I am not sure about Legoland discovery centres in USA, but the Legoland parks around the world charge by weight.
  8. In the Australian Certified Stores, PaB is sold by the cup, rather than by the 100g. Even at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. So it is already being piloted in some markets.
  9. until
    The Rambling Brick has a set of Series 2 Minifigures to give away, as well as a shopping spree at the online store. Build a habitat to suit a Series 2 Disney minifigure - the specification can be found at https://ramblingbrick.com/2019/04/14/win-a-set-of-disney-minifigures-series-2/ Entries close midnight 12th May, UTC/10 am 13th May AEST Please feel free to share with your communities: the prizes will be shipped world wide (where possible). Check the link for details: Any questions not answered? send me a direct message. Cheers. Ramblingbrick.com
  10. Richard Jones

    Powered Up Update

    I think this is more about the sunlight/line of sight. On a bright day, Ali can’t get 10m out of PF. You can also conceal you receiver inside the model.(compared to PF) Lots of channels are available BUT at present only one hub at a time can be used with the app. It is apparently possible to control two hubs with the same remote (using the same channel), but I have not tried this personally. Details are in the original community questions, from the time of the initial release of PU. The two channel Powered up hubs, as provided with the bat mobile and train sets, can use the Boost sensor to trigger events, or control the boost servo motor (or take readings from the servo motor) the new version of the app provides a programming environment very similar to the Boost app, incorporating both boost and powered up elements. Compared to the boost app, it seems to be MUCH more stable, and significantly faster to get running. (And boost should be able to be controlled too) you can find an example of the sensor here: https://youtu.be/qUHjSxLFKqA
  11. Richard Jones

    Powered Up Update

    The Powered Up FAQ needs a bit of an update, given that Boost now works with the Powered Up app, and boost elements can be controlled from the Powered Up hub, using the app. I’m sure it’s coming. [Somehow I missed the comment above before I posted - apologies for the redundancy]
  12. Richard Jones

    April Fools!

    “Steamboat Willie becomes available today”
  13. until
    Come and Join @John Geijsman from Bricktastic Blog and @Richard Jones from The Rambling Brick on Facebook Live on 31st March; 23:00 AEDT (UTC+11) (Melbourne/Sydney); 20:00 AWST (Perth); 14:00 CEST (Frankfurt); 13:00BST (London); 08:00 EDT (New York);05:00 PDT(Los Angeles). Didn't list your time zone? It is at 12:00 UTC as we join in a live stream of chat and speed build a set to be determined. The poll to select this set will close at 24:00 AWST 25th March 2019 and can be found HERE
  14. Photo Credits: Alec Mead, Matthew Wightwick and Richard Jones. But mostly Alec.
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