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    Our third event in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary.
  2. until
    8th KOCKAFESZT in Békásmegyer.
  3. until
    Siófok is one of the largest cities next to Lake Balaton. In a frequent tourist area, we'll exhibit throughout the summer, on the attic of The Boys Apartman.
  4. until
    An outdoor activity in the town of our HQ, on the weekly market. Mini exhibition, play area and a sales kiosk what we're setting up.
  5. until
    A dedicated day for members of KOCKAFESZ Club and their families. All day long fun: building contests, NERF championship, camp, BBQ party, bonfire, sweepstakes. This day is also the grand opening of our summer exhibition "Bricks in the Attic", which will be open thorough the summer in the third consecutive year, in Siófok, lake Balaton.
  6. until
    This is a new festival in the city of our HQ. We are contributing with a LEGO fan play area and LEGO easter set prizes.
  7. until
    This will be the second event in the small city of the Hungarian Danube bend, where our HQ is located. We'll cooperate with the local EV3 team (we support them thorough the year).
  8. Not the nicest model I've ever seen, but despite that, it is a must have! The base definitely should be a bit thicker though.
  9. until
    This is our traditional one and only event in Budapest, Békásmegyer. We'll exhibit our newest builds, having a sales area made by fans and gathering together in an AFOL evening.
  10. until
    This is our second event in the CITY. This one will be bigger, with a lot of new layout, new play activities and a fan-made sales area.
  11. until
    This is our sixth event in the Óbuda district of Budapest. We'll exhibit our newest MOCs, have a MOC contest and many other activities.
  12. until
    What an unique place for a LEGO fan event! Lake Tisza Ecocentre is one of the biggest freshwater aquarium in East-Europe. We'll exhibit here some of our cool MOCs, historic LEGO sets. Moreover, a large play area is waiting for all of the club members and visitors.
  13. until
    This will be our first KOCKAFESZT event in the small city where the headquarters of our club is.
  14. until
    Cartoon Network Hungary, LEGO Store Budapest and KLIKK invites you to a fantastic weekend with Unikitty! Get ready with us, the brand new Unikitty animated series is launching at 21th of May. You can take amazing photos before the green blackground, including the famous characters of CN. You can also take a photo with our giant LEGO Unikitty, including more than 16000 individual LEGO pieces.
  15. until
    This is the fourth occasion we have an event together with the National Instruments Hungary (software developer of EV3s'). This is the FLL Central Europe championship, and a science fair. We'll exhibit five layouts and have a large play area.
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