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  1. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Mini Poroszló

    What an unique place for a LEGO fan event! Lake Tisza Ecocentre is one of the biggest freshwater aquarium in East-Europe. We'll exhibit here some of our cool MOCs, historic LEGO sets. Moreover, a large play area is waiting for all of the club members and visitors.
  2. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Nagymaros

    This will be our first KOCKAFESZT event in the small city where the headquarters of our club is.
  3. until
    Cartoon Network Hungary, LEGO Store Budapest and KLIKK invites you to a fantastic weekend with Unikitty! Get ready with us, the brand new Unikitty animated series is launching at 21th of May. You can take amazing photos before the green blackground, including the famous characters of CN. You can also take a photo with our giant LEGO Unikitty, including more than 16000 individual LEGO pieces.
  4. Charlie

    Science NO Fiction 3.0

    This is the fourth occasion we have an event together with the National Instruments Hungary (software developer of EV3s'). This is the FLL Central Europe championship, and a science fair. We'll exhibit five layouts and have a large play area.
  5. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT - Christmas edition

    This will be our first event in Ózd, a smaller city in Hungary. It is on an advent weekend, so we'll dedicate the event for the winter spirit - probably using also the 2x4 white bricks from the yearly support.
  6. Charlie

    An afternoon with LEGO robots

    In this afternoon, we provide a good possibility for visitors to try LEGO robots and learn basic programming. This is an event in cooperation with Raspberry Learning.
  7. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Mini Hajdúszoboszló

    Enjoy the KOCKAFESZT experience at Children's Day in Hajdúszoboszló, Hungary. We'll have a MOC exhibition (creations collected from members living in the countryside) and a ton of bricks for a whole-day building.
  8. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Mini Székesfehérvár

    Our popular LEGO fan event for the first time in Székesfehérvár.
  9. Charlie

    FLL Championship

    KLIKK will exhibit some great MOC and provide a play area at FLL Championship Budapest.
  10. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Zalaegerszeg 2

    KOCKAFESZT is the popular LEGO fan show of KLIKK. Our 2018 Tour starts in Zalaegerszeg, where we'll have this event for the second time. Large AFOL MOC area, play experiences for both children and adults, sales area included. More information:
  11. Charlie

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonder-, success- and cheerful new year, on behalf of the KLIKK team. 🎄😇
  12. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Békásmegyer

    KOCKAFESZT is the popular LEGO fan show of KLIKK. There is a medium-sized community house in the suburb of Budapest, where we had four events in the past and now, we'll return for a fifth festival. More information:
  13. Charlie

    KOCKAFESZT Debrecen

    KOCKAFESZT is the popular LEGO fan show of KLIKK. In Debrecen, it will be our second visit. In 2014, we've had the largest event here and we're prepared to have an even bigger festival. More information:
  14. Charlie


    KOCKAFESZT is the popular LEGO fan show of KLIKK. In this year, we'll have this amazing festival first time in Érd, a large city near Budapest. 'Mini' means it isn't as large as a KOCKAFESZT usually, but there is also a MOC, play and sales area. More information:
  15. Charlie


    KOCKAFESZT is the countrywide popular LEGO fan show of KLIKK. It's the third festival in Pécs. Our first event in the city: Our second event in the city: More information: