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  1. Alexandre Campos

    AFOL events at LEGO House - book your ticket soon

    Oh bummer, and to think I'll be at Billund exactly one week before that! In the words of that gentleman: Oh well, maybe next year I'll be able to attend.
  2. Alexandre Campos

    Viana BRInCKa 2018

    Another location for the bigger events from PLUG / BRInCKa series. It happens in the centre and modern area of Viana do Castelo, one of the main historical cities in the north of Portugal, which has a long tradition in manufacture of filigree (one of the main themes for this event).
  3. until
    The Portuguese Air Force is celebrating 100 years of aeronautics in Portugal, and invited PLUG to do a thematic exhibition at Depósito Geral de Material da Força Aérea.
  4. Alexandre Campos

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    That would be in my opinion the most problematic compatibility scenario; while it's desirable that some applications use PF motors in increments (like the PU train motor), for others a "bang-bang" behaviour (like the PU medium and Boost motors) works better. This configuration could be done in hardware, via a tiny switch on the cable that switched modes (like the polarity reversal in current PF controllers), or via software, by temporarily connect the hub to the phone/tablet and set any options from there.
  5. Alexandre Campos

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    I really hope the PU Team is still considering at least some compatibility, as the PF extension wires, which double as adapters for 9V, are immensely useful.
  6. Alexandre Campos

    The AWESOME Building Buddies Competition!

    Major bummer: the contest is closed to residents in Portugal. Do you have a reason for that?
  7. Alexandre Campos

    LEGO brick build birdhouse

    Oh no, that was such a nice house and with such a bright future inside. If you decide to try again, you might want to reinforce the house with vertical Technic beams and a strong fixation point, so that, even if a cat manages to jump onto the house, it (the house, not the cat) withstands the extra weight. Maybe the small opening can then be enough to prevent a paw from interfering with the eggs?
  8. Alexandre Campos

    Oeiras BRInCKa 2018

    The 4th edition of Oeiras BRInCKa event. Probably the most successful event from PLUG / BRInCKa series. It happens in the periphery of Lisbon and usually attracts a significant number of visitors over the extended weekend (4 days). The theme for this event will be the Carnival, as it happens during the Carnival weekend.