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  1. Alexandre Campos

    The AWESOME Building Buddies Competition!

    Major bummer: the contest is closed to residents in Portugal. Do you have a reason for that?
  2. Alexandre Campos

    LEGO brick build birdhouse

    Oh no, that was such a nice house and with such a bright future inside. If you decide to try again, you might want to reinforce the house with vertical Technic beams and a strong fixation point, so that, even if a cat manages to jump onto the house, it (the house, not the cat) withstands the extra weight. Maybe the small opening can then be enough to prevent a paw from interfering with the eggs?
  3. Alexandre Campos

    Oeiras BRInCKa 2018

    The 4th edition of Oeiras BRInCKa event. Probably the most successful event from PLUG / BRInCKa series. It happens in the periphery of Lisbon and usually attracts a significant number of visitors over the extended weekend (4 days). The theme for this event will be the Carnival, as it happens during the Carnival weekend.