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  1. until
    Third edition
  2. third edition
  3. until
    First time in Cambiano, little town near Torino. MOC's exhibition, play area , workshop and Lego(R) themed photo exhibition.
  4. until
    With the collaboration of the association "Torrecara"and the proloco of Caramagna , the event "CARAMAGNA BRICK SHOW" comes to life Two days dedicated to our beloved brick with MOC's exhibition, play ares, workshops and the BRICKOLIMPIADI!
  5. until
    First time in San Maurizio Canavese MOC's exhibition Play area: -Pick&build -DUPLO(R) -Brickolimpiadi
  6. until
    First time in Villaggio Leumann , Collegno (TO) Exhibition of MOC Play area with pick & build and Brickolimpiadi, Area DUPLO(R) for kids
  7. until
    Small event inside the oratory "San Leonardo Murialdo". Exhibition of bricks works , Play Area with bricks and Duplo (R). Construction competition for kids.
  8. until
    Two days public display inside the commercial gallery called "I Viali" located in Nichelino. Four tematic MOCs exhibition areas, two play areas : one with construction workshops and one with DUPLO (R) for small children. It's our first time here, we are waiting for you!!
  9. until
    Within the "Caluso on ice" event we will also be there withan exhibithion area of works made by LEGO(R) bricks, play areas, LDD construction workshops and the DUPLO (R) area for the little ones. Local schools will be involved throughthe construction competition for children: the works will be exhibithed throughout the weekend and the most voted will win a prize. We are waiting for you!
  10. until
    Second Edition of "San Mauro Brick Show" 95 exhibitors from all over Italy and Europe with rare and original works, entirely built in LEGO(R) bricks DUPLO(R) area for little childrens Competition "The builders of tomorrow" for children from 6 years of age (Info and regulation will follow) News 2020: the BRICKOLYMPICS - pass the tests and become a Brick-Champion! Trial games dedicated to children and families (Info and participation will follow) We'll have the collaboration of different AFOL groups ( recognized and not) - BrianzaLUG -OrangeTeam LUG -PiacenzaBricksLUG -AFDL -RLOC -Fotografia Costruttiva -RLOC -ITLUG -RomagnaLUG -DolomiteBricksLUG and also: -Pugliabrick -Parmabrick FREE ADMISSION!! PalaBurgo, via Burgo -San Mauro Torinese
  11. until
    Second edition. 45-days MOCs display in the historic "Castello Baron Gamba" castle, 5 week-end play area with: - free building area -DUPLO(R) area -LDD workshops -"Christmas Lab" ( tematic workshops)
  12. until
    Second edition of "Mattoncini in Valle". Small MOCs exhibition , interactive play area with free building and LDD workshops.
  13. until
    Inside the day of celebration organized by the Pro Loco of Bruino for charity , our group will be in charge of setting up different play areas, laboratories and a small exhibition area with MOCs and community diorama.
  14. until
    In the splendid setting of Castello Gamba we will have the honor of organizing the second edition, together with the municipality and the merchant association, of "Chateau Noel": MOCs exhibition , play areas and workshops : everything recalls Christmas. The exhibition will last a month and during the weekends we will hold Christmas workshops teaching children to build a nice Christmas decoration with bricks. We will have some AFOL friends belonging to LUG and groups from different parts of Italy.
  15. until
    Third edition of Model Expo . MOCs exhibition, play area , workshop and Technic RC area.
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