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  1. Wilfried Gubbels

    Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend

    And you should it's the best catered event i've ever been to.. Everything is taken care of for you.. And the organising staff does do a lot of extra miles for you
  2. Wilfried Gubbels

    Live from Kockice Convention

    There were plenty of traditional, local & international treats to please the sweet tooth of all the afols. Thank you to everyone who took part in this & put his shoulders towards this great event..
  3. Wilfried Gubbels

    Modular building themed AFOL evening at the LEGO House

    Thanks for the opportunity to meet other AFOLs & LEGO employees at such a nice & still amazing place :)..Thanks Jan & Astrid!
  4. Wilfried Gubbels

    Brick Mania Antwerpen 2018

    BeLUGs BIGGEST event with bricks, stacks & stacks of brick to play with, watch awesome GBC modules pass on those tiny little balls in our biggest circuit. Have fun driving remote controlled cars, boats, monsters. The best pieces of our most renowned builders on display.
  5. Wilfried Gubbels

    Brick Mania Nalinnes

    A new Brick Mania in the Wallonia region!!! Come see awesome builds, enjoy some LEGO building in our brickpits!
  6. Wilfried Gubbels

    Brick Mania Liège

    BeLUG's longest running event in the Wallonia region, with countless MOCs, demonstrations & workshops
  7. Wilfried Gubbels

    Brick Mania Wetteren 2018

    BeLUG's longest running event, with countless MOCs, demonstrations & workshops
  8. Wilfried Gubbels

    Brick Mania Antwerpen 2017

    Brick Mania Antwerpen 2017. BeLUG's biggest event! More than 2000m² fun with LEGO bricks. Watch balls pas by hundreds of GBC modules, check out great statues, awesome layouts or learn some new building techniques at our workshops. Maybe you can add the last bricks to thee LEGO Ninjago or LEGO Batman mosaics?