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    LEGO House documentary

    Hi all - I have exciting news to share. The LEGO House was under its way for 7 years and has tickled the curiosity of creative LEGO fans all along. The process was followed by a camera crew and has resulted in a great documentary that is now airing globally on NETFLIX. Some of you might already have seen it at closed events. But now it is out there for everybody. From 15th June you can discover the fascinating LEGO spirit manifested in the ultimate LEGO building on all NETFLIX servers globally. The original idea behind the LEGO House came from Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen – a dream for the LEGO Group and for the town of Billund. A unique journey into the making of a house built on a foundation of dreams. This is a construction diary unfolding the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. The concept has all the way been to build a LEGO House which would offer the most amazing hands-on experiences and inspire the guests to embrace creativity. This includes a one of a kind architectural idea by BIG and Bjarke Ingels, a restaurant that serves the food by robots, 25 million LEGO bricks and dedicated staff that tries, fails and revises ideas in order to reach the company motto: Only the best is good enough. You can watch the trailer here:
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    LEGO House documentary

    Hi all, I am sorry but I have not much news - only the following. Thanks a lot for your understanding. Due to technical difficulties the LEGO House documentary has not been rolled out to all countries. We apologise for this inconvenience and are working hard on a solution.
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    LEGO House documentary

    @Saskia van DoesburgI will ask the LEGO House team if they know more details.
  4. Jan Beyer

    The mosaic is done!

    It is done - the largest mosaic made of LEGO Bricks was finished today! It was an awesome activity so many thanks to Fairybricks and LEGO House!
  5. Jan Beyer

    The mosaic is done!

    Hi Ben, please speak to @Kev Gascoigne - Fairy Bricks who organized this.
  6. These days Fairy Bricks together with the LEGO House organize a World Record attempt in building the largest mosaic made with building bricks. The mosaic consists of almost 2700 32x32 baseplates and measures 12x14 meters. It will be build with support by the public as well as LEGO and LEGO House employees and the Guinness Book representatives will measure next Wednesday is the current record has been broken. You can find more info on the LEGO House website https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/whats-on/pinse Se attached pictures from the LEGO staff building day (even our CEO Niels came to build a plate). Fingers crossed for Wednesday - I will keep you updated!
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    LEGO brick build birdhouse

    Svend Erik Saksun - Ambassador for EuroLUG - has shared pictures from his home build birdhouse with me. After 10 years he change the location and finally a blue tit couple moved in lately. How sweet.
  8. Jan Beyer

    LEGO House AFOL activities - save the date

    Dear all, safe the date (or already book the ticket) for the upcoming LEGO House AFOL activities I have put together in cooperation with my LEGO House colleagues. Tickets do not include admission to the LEGO House experience zone (need to be booked separate if you like to visit before the event) and are distributed first come first serve so please be fast if you like to join! Jan AFOL Day in LEGO House Sept 27, 2018, 9.00-17.30 Description: Closed Fan event – for AFOLs only Booking link distribution ONLY via the Skærbæk Fan Weekend Member Center Fan Evening about the 40th anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure Nov 2, 2018, 16.00-20.00 Description: We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure. Join us for a cosy fan evening in LEGO House that is especially held for our LEGO Fan Community on Nov. 2, 2018. The evening will consist of a mix of interviews, hands-on building activities and time to chat. Booking link: Click on this link https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/whats-on Scroll down the page until you see the section “Event & Tour calendar” and the field where you can select a date Select Nov 2 in the date field Below the field you will see the events on Nov 2. Choose “Fan evening 40th anniversary minifigure” and click on “Book tickets” Select the time 16.00 Choose the amount of people you would like to book a ticket for. Finish the booking and print your ticket Fan Christmas Dinner Dec 8, 2018, 16.00-21.00 Description: Join us for a cozy Christmas event in LEGO House that is especially held for our LEGO Fan Community on Dec 8, 2018. We offer fun LEGO Minifigure builds, After-hour photo opportunities in one of the LEGO House Experience Zones and we will serve traditional Danish Christmas food. Booking link: Click on this link https://www.legohouse.com/en-gb/whats-on Scroll down the page until you see the section “Event & Tour calendar” and the field where you can select a date Select Dec 8 in the date field Below the field you will see the events on Dec 8. Choose “Christmas dinner” and click on “Book tickets” Select the time 16.00 Choose the amount of people you would like to book a ticket for. Finish the booking and print your ticket
  9. Jan Beyer

    LEGO House AFOL activities - save the date

    This is a LEGO House invention so rather a mini inside tour. It has nothing to do with the tours we organized or is the reason why we stopped organizing them.
  10. Jan Beyer

    LEGO brick build birdhouse

    Oh noooo! :-(
  11. Jan Beyer

    LEGO House AFOL activities - save the date

    Helps you with better planning - hope you can join!
  12. Jan Beyer

    Visit to BrickCan in Vancouver

    This weekend I visited BrickCan in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was a fantastic experience being back to North America after around 10 years and feeling so welcome. The event is stunning and very cozy - around 250 great and super friendly AFOLs - I felt after the first day that I have made 250 new friends! I had the opportunity to meet with all 5 West Coast Convention Owners to discuss programs and future plans as well as meeting with 7 Ambassadors. This was truely inspiring. The event has a lot of very exciting and funny game and socializing activies, very interesting speeches and presentations as well as great MOCs on display. I enjoyed my trip very very much and I cannot give enough thanks to the organizing Crew around John Langrish, Allan Corbeil and Robin Sather and all participants for this awesome and wonderful experience and great time! I can strongly recommend to visit BrickCan - I will be back for sure!!!
  13. Dear all, a very cool new LEGO House exclusive retail set is on the way. Please check out the details below, feel free to share and of course visit the LEGO House to buy it. In the midst of LEGO House stands one of the world’s most iconic LEGO models, at over 15m tall and packed full of details and surprises even the most avid LEGO enthusiast cannot fail to be impressed by the Tree of Creativity. The tree is constructed from 6.316.611 standard LEGO bricks and took 23.500 hours to assemble to create an incredible and unique LEGO model. And now a LEGO small scale model of this tree will be exclusively available at the LEGO Store in LEGO House, Billund. The LEGO model is a great reproduction of the giant tree. All the most iconic features have been resized into this retail model. The real LEGO enthusiast will know that the LEGO Group launched a Tree of Creativity model back in May 2017. That particular model was developed as the surprise gift for the participants of the LEGO Inside Tour. The product developed for Inside Tour only comes out in 175 individually numbered boxes. Senior designer Steen Sig Andersen who originally also designed the first model was asked to do a retail version for LEGO House. Steen Sig Andersen says:” The former Tree of Creativity box has proven to be an iconic model for the LEGO House and it makes a lot of sense to also offer a Tree of Creativity to the guests of LEGO House. But it was very important that the two models were not identical as we would not take away the originality from the Inside Tour guests in 2017” Steen Sig Andersen’s efforts resulted in a very nice retail version which is slightly smaller than the LEGO Inside Tour model. The model is exclusively available at LEGO House in Billund and the retail price is 599 DKK. The LEGO Inside Tour model is not for sale. A detailed comparison between the LEGO Inside Tour set and the retail version The Tree of Creativity: LIT Retail product Name LEGO® House Tree of Creativity LEGO® House Tree of Creativity Product number 4000024 4000026 Amount of boxes produces 175 10.000 Piece count 1008 837 Release date 1st of May 2017 1st of March 2018 Box size Length: 310 mm Width: 230 mm Depth: 72 mm Length: 382 mm Width: 262 mm Depth: 70,5 mm Packaging Custimized sleeves – five different ones Standard retail packaging Hight of built model 38 cm 35 cm Number of leaves 11 10 Number of minifigures 6 + baby 1 Uniquely decorated element Printed tile with space logo 0 Amount of mini builts on leaves 8 6 Base frame White with integrated bench Brown without bench LEGO Designer Steen Sig Andersen Steen Sig Andersen Available for sale No Yes – exclusively in LEGO House Price Not for sale 599 DKK LEGO House is a fantastic experience center, so amazing that it is hard to describe. It is a place where LEGO fans of all ages will discover the magic behind the brand and can be inspired by all the endless play and learning possibilities with the LEGO brick. Facts about the large Tree of Creativity Height: 15,68 m Number of bricks: 6.316.611 Bricks Total weight (excluding metal structure): 11.053 kg incl. 600 kg of loose bricks for grass Production hours: 24.350
  14. Jan Beyer

    Synergy LUG Events

    Looks very cool! Thanks for sharing these great pictures @Junious Tan
  15. Jan Beyer

    Tree of Creativity –LEGO House exclusive retail model

    @Gaetan Burm The set is not limited - it is a production run of 10.000 copies and as this is an exclusive to LEGO House set there might be more production runs if it sells well and potentially out.
  16. Jan Beyer

    Live from Kockice Convention

    This weekend I visit the Kockice Convention in a small city near Croatias capital Zagreb. It is the first time that Ed Petrac and his team pull this international event off and it seems to be quite a success from the start with almost 80 participants from 13 different countries. So it is a weekend of fun and seeing old friends and making new together with a public exhibition of fantastic MOCs. I attach some pictures I took earlier today. The events website is http://convention.kockice.hr/. So I really hope that this event grows and will see many more AFOLs from all over the world in the years to come. Thanks so much to Ed, Marin and all other involved for making this great event happen! It is a true pleasure to join.
  17. The past Friday we could welcome over 40 happy AFOLs from 8 different countries to the Modular building themed AFOL evening at LEGO House. We had invited Are Heiseldal from Norway to host 4 interview sessions with LEGO Colleagues from Design, Engineering and Marketing as well as an hands on building session with Jamie Berard was organized. All AFOLs were invited to bring an owned designed floor for the Parisien Restaurant which we stacked to 2 quite high buildings. It was very entertaining, informative and fun evening for all involved. We plan to do more activities like that in the autumn.
  18. Jan Beyer

    Modular building themed AFOL evening at the LEGO House

    It was a pleasure at have you there as always! Thank you!
  19. Jan Beyer

    First 2018 AFOL Engagement Team Meeting

    It was an awesome meeting - always great to get together and spend valuable face to face time! Thanks for the great pictures and the report Sara!
  20. Jan Beyer

    Tree of Creativity –LEGO House exclusive retail model

    I actually do not know but it very well can be.
  21. Jan Beyer

    Modular building AFOL evening at LEGO House

    On Friday March 9th, 2018 LEGO House will host an event for true LEGO fans with a passion for the modular buildings theme. The evening consists of a mix of interviews, hands-on building activity dinner and of course time to chat. The facilitator of the interviews is the in the AFOL Community well-known and long-term LEGO fan Are Heiseldal from Norway. Are is a sports journalist at his day job and a dedicated LEGO collector and builder the rest of the time. He will interview in his charming way key LEGO people involved in the Modular buildings theme. Participants of the event are invited to bring an own designed first floor based on the layout of the Parisian Restaurant (#10243) so that we can stack them to an very own modular building for the event. The floor is to be taken home afterwards again. Programme of the event 16.00: Welcome and start stacking the floors 16.15: On-stage interview with Austin Carlson from the LEGO Group. Austin works as a graphic designer and has a broad experience within several LEGO product lines. (20min) 16.40: On-stage interview with Jeppe Ramlau, who works in Novelty Engineering in the LEGO Group. Jeppe is involved in designing and creating new elements and new moulds. He is the link between the designers and the engineers. (20min) 17.05: On-stage interview with Anne Egelund from the LEGO Group. Anne works in marketing and has been involved with the Modular building theme for quite some time. (20min) 17.45: Warm buffet 18.45: On-stage interview with Jamie Berard from the LEGO Group, who is the iconic LEGO designer behind many modular buildings. (30min) 19.15: Hands-on session at the tables facilitated by Jamie. Jamie will share building tips and tricks and will build a small exterior scenery together with you. LEGO elements are provided and the build can be taken home after the session. 20:00 End of play. Price per Person: 449 DKK pr. person (including dinner + 2 drinks) Please note: The arrangement does not include a ticket for the Experience Zones in LEGO House. We reserve the right to cancel the arrangement in case of less than 40 participants. In case we receive more than 80 requests will we draw the participants randomly. So if you are up for a great arrangement with great people in great surroundings please send me an email (Jan@LEGO.com) no later than February 11th 2018 end of day all timezones so I can get you on the list. I will inform you after the deadline via email if you can participate and will send you the booking link. I am looking forward to a very cool arrangement! Thanks Jan
  22. Dear all, first of all I wish you a Happy New Year! When LEGO® House announced its first Christmas party for AFOLs, it was actually with a bit of anxiety. One could not quite know if the event would carry - a Saturday evening late in December? - in Billund? - for international AFOLs? All doubt proved unfounded. The word of the event was quickly spread and in a few days the tickets were rapidly sold. So there we are. Saturday evening on the 16th December, 70 excited adult LEGO enthusiasts from 8 different countries went to Billund to hold their first Christmas party at LEGO House. After such a great event there is no doubt -a new tradition has been founded! Andres Lehmann from Zusammengebaut.com and Michael Friedrichs from Promobricks.de were among the participants and we have been permitted to publish their review of the event: http://zusammengebaut.com/gruss-aus-dem-lego-house-in-billund-40579/ and https://www.promobricks.de/afol-julefrokost-event-im-lego-house-in-billund-bericht-und-bilder/48919 as well as a report about the new 10260 Downtown Diner that was presented by the LEGO Designer at the Christmas Party http://zusammengebaut.com/lego-downtown-diner-10260-mike-psiaki-im-interview-40629/ The evening was a lot of fun for all participants as well as us as hosts and we are looking forward to the 2018 version of this activity. All the best, Astrid Mueller, Senior Event & Tour Manager in LEGO House and Jan Beyer, Community Manager LEGO System A/S
  23. Jan Beyer

    Book around the LEGO House

    Dear all, my LEGO House colleagues informed me that there will be a very interesting book around the LEGO House available from now on. So I believe this could be very interesting for some of you. Feel free to share. Than Jan Building a Dream Author: LEGO House and e-types. Price: 249 DKK - The book can only be purchased at LEGO® House in Billund. Language: English. Edition: 2000 pcs. Idea development and construction of LEGO House has taken seven years. On 28 September 2017, a proud director, Jesper Vilstrup, finally opened the doors to Denmark's newest experience center together with the royal family and with the attention of world press. LEGO® House is a unique experience house located in the center of Billund – Home of the Brick. Here, LEGO fans of all ages can experience the magic of the LEGO universe and get the ultimate LEGO experience all year round. Both kids and adults meet a number of new LEGO experiences and a sea of LEGO bricks, where you can unleash your creativity. The heart of the 12.000 m2 LEGO House is the experience zones which consist of four colored play areas, a spectacular Masterpiece Gallery, where fans can exhibit their impressive creations and a History Collection, where guests experience the company's and LEGO brand's development over time. Building a Dream is built as a combined interview and photo book, which both tells the vision behind the house and through great photos shows the development of idea and building. Three people have been at the heart of the project: Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, 3rd generation LEGO owner, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, chairman of LEGO Brand Group and Bjarke Ingels, international architect. Photos are taken by photographer Jens Honoré.
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    Building set 21313 Ship in a bottle

    Today I built the new LEGO Ideas set #21313 Ship in a bottle together with my son. It is a very nice build with a lot of details and pretty good looking. A lot of transparet elements used in the bottle so that can be very interesting too. Also all decorated elements are printed which is very nice - the box as well as the instructions look Ideas typical high quality and include details about the fan designer as well as the LEGO designers involved. Building time approx. 1 1/2 hours. We had fun - check out the pictures.
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    60 year LEGO Brick celebration

    Hi all, yesterday I joined the 60 years Birthday of the LEGO brick celebration in the LEGO House. It was a Birthday party with speeches, cake, music and a small exhibition with clocks made by AFOLs (Zeto Vince, Jenni Clark, Lasse Deleuran, Gary Davis, Cristiano Grassi, Cecilie Fritzvold, Alexandre Campos and Sven Franic) as well as iconic sets from all these years including clocks - all dials were set to 1.58 pm as that is the time the patent was issued.