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    LEGO diorama about Harry Potter in the castle and construction of a giant mosaic by the public. The diorama and the mosaic will remain on temporary exhibition until the beginning of January 2021.
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    As part of the Maxi Timbré festival in Ouistreham: small exhibition of LEGO brick constructions on various themes and construction of a giant mosaic by the public.
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    Téléthon 2020
  4. Didier Bruel

    LEGO House Live Tours

    thanks, the message has been shared on our LUG forum !
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    "Les Briques en Folie" presents their LEGO constructions "TOKYO in Lego" within the "Foire Internationale de Rouen" at Rouen (France) This event has been postponed twice : originally planned for March then June and now September
  6. Great pictures, thanks Stine !
  7. Didier Bruel

    CLECY 2019

    Third edition of CLECY LEGO exhibition . About 20 Lego AFOLS will present their constructions. There will be an area for kids to play with LEGO bricks, the public will be able to participate to the construction of a giant Mozaic. Snack and drinks available. A couple of vendors will propose LEGO sets and parts ! CLECY is a small village located in Normandy 35 km from teh city of Caen in the department "Calvados". This area is also known as the "The Swiss Normand" due to its rugged and verdant landscape of the Armorican massif with the canyon of the river Orne
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    From Saturday 12th to Thursday 31st, "Les Briques en Folie" presents a small exhibition on the theme of Super-Heros to celebrate Batman 's 80 years anniversary ! It takes place at COGNAC library (yes, Cognac !!!! ) Open days / hours are - Tuesday: 14h00 / 18h00 - Wednesday: 10h00 / 12h30 et 14h00 / 18h00 - Friday: 14h00 / 18h00 - Saturday: 10h00 / 12h30 et 14h00 / 17h00 Free entrance
  9. Hey Kim,

    Althoug I believe I reported most (if not all) of our 2018 events, I thought it could be usefull to write this high level summary to you

    « Les Briques en Folie » summary of what we have accomplished this year

    -          We organized four LEGO exhibitions and participated at two (of which SFW in Denmark) – one of the event being a fund raising for French Telethon where we collected 2600€.

    -          We animated 11 days of LEGO constructions for kids in Cultural or commercial centers

    -          We were contracted by for 4 private companies (mostly building giant mozaics) of which Renault Cars

    -          We partnered with Paris LegoStore at Levallois by building 3 MOCs (1 per season) for their external shop window.

    This represents 30 days of activities

    The estimated total of visitors reached across events and animations is around 50000.
    31 LUG members (out of a total of 42) participated at events this year.

    We are quite satisfied with our results and we are looking forward to do more in 2019 !

    Enjoy the X-mas break and See you in 2019 !

    Cheers Didier


  10. Hi Signe,

    Thank you and the LEGO team for the Xmas present. I wish you a great time over the xmas period !

    Do you stay in Billund or go to the US?

    Merry Xmas to you and your family



    1. Signe Lønholdt

      Signe Lønholdt

      Thank you for the nice message, Didier. I'm happy to hear that you like the present.
      We where supposed to go to the states for xmas but plans changed because we sold our house and just moved into a new one, so instead Grandparents came here to help us with the house and celebrate the holidays with us.

      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and see you in the new Year!

    2. Didier Bruel

      Didier Bruel

      Present is in place... I'll have to be patient until 24th evening !



  11. until
    For its third edition, our main annual event "Les Briques en Folie 2019" hosted within the International fair of Rouen (22-31 March) will last 10 days expecting around 140 000 visitors. Our Rlug will be ideally located, right at the entrance of the exhibition center, on a surface of circa 700m2. We will present MOCs made by our members on the exclusive theme of LONDON: Monuments, Touristic sites, historical and cultural scenes etc etc...
  12. yes also... we drove 700 km from Aachen to Danish border and more than half was on speed limit due to work on the road!!!!!
  13. Unfortunately I do mean germany as we discovered (when going to SFW) that speed limit is 80km/h when you have a trailer with your car (even a small trailer....) tand this makes the driving even more dangerous because of so many trucks on that right line... I did what was suggested by you or Kim .. I closed my eyes !
  14. If only the speed limit in Germany was not 80km/h, I would be driving up and down monthly !
  15. Great moment with great people (but why do you always pick on me Jan? LOL )
  16. until
    Our Lug will propose animations / constructions with LEGO bricks to the children on 12/ 15 / 19 and 22 of December in the mall gallery
  17. until
    We will animate a mall gallery by proposing free animations of which the construction of a giant mozaic and various smaller LEGO constructions for children
  18. until
    For the second consecutive year our lug will run a charitative event in benefit of the French Telethon 500 m2 - 16 members engaged
  19. Our lug displayed a umber of MOCs at the second editoin of the Salon du Modelisme
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