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  • What is the LEGO Certified Professional Program all about?

    Helene Teichert

    We receive questions about the LEGO Certified Program all the time and while we have information available in LEGO.com it is not very elaborate. The objective of this blog post is therefore to hopefully answer all the questions that you might have.



    The LEGO Certified Professional program has been around for 12 years and counts 20 LEGO Certified Professionals (LCP) globally. Today LCPs are only admitted into the program if their business can help solve a specific business need for a local LEGO office.

    The LCP program is divided into an 1-2 year entry program where the LCP and the local LEGO office get to know each other. If the working relation is a success; the LCP is moved into the actual LCP program.

    The latest addition to the LCP program is the Danish LCP Caspar Jensen Bennedsen who I want to congratulate!


    What does it mean to be a LCP?

    I might not be the right person to ask, but I believe if you are a LEGO fan it has to be dream job. All LCPs have businesses which allows them to work for the LEGO Group, 3rd parties, and on own projects and exhibitions.  They can use the LCP logo which show affiliation to the LEGO Group, and we even pass 3rd party requests unto them.


    What do LCPs do for LEGO Group?

    Historically the LEGO Group used LCPs to build 3D LEGO models. In the last years, the demand is changing to also cover new business areas.  

    One example is our Chinese LCP Wei Wei, Shannon Gluckman (Playable Design) who is working with LEGO China’s local community and social responsibility team to teach “learning through play” that can facilitate learning in young children to improve their creativity, educational careers, and life chances.  

    Another example is our Australian LCP Ryan McNaught (the Brickman) working on the Australian LEGO Masters show, where building LEGO models is only part of his job as he is also supporting the show backstage (designing contests etc) and in front of the camera as a judge on the show. 


    What does it take to become an LCP?

    Due to the dynamic nature of the business, we are unable to provide a check list for people who would like to become a LCP. Additionally it is impossible for us to predict and share any future plans for inviting new LCPs into the program.

    Current we have the below requirements looking for candidates based on his or her:  

           Enthusiasm for the LEGO brick and building system

    Working business model and ability to organize and drive building projects and / or event

    Strong business plan and match with the need of the local LEGO office

    Strong collaboration skills and personal dedication to core LEGO values

    Professional approach towards other LEGO fans and the broader public

    The best tip we can give you is to find out what motivates you and brings you joy. People that can combine talent with purpose and meaning are often the best candidates.

    Learn more about the program and most of the LCPs in the program. 



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