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    Tradition of April: Reflections

    Jacky Chen

    If it wasn’t Sara calls me out, I wouldn’t realize that I haven’t been blogging for almost five months. Time really just went by when everything is on the fast lane.

    The plan was to blog about the HKLUG Factory Tour two weeks ago, but I believe words can never beat the happy faces on the photo. Also a quick reminder, there are still rooms for the Nov. tour, please contact your ambassador to sign up for it if you are interested. ;)


    However, I decided to write up a little reflections of the past few months where a lot changes has occurred. It’s also because I happened to read our best friend Paul’s blog about Reflections exactly a year ago which turns the mood a bit nostalgia.

    It has not been an easy beginning in many ways for 2018, but things are starting to boil down and move into positive directions with a lot of effort from a lot of people. The new AE kicked off by an offsite summit in February, teams were getting together to pick up the scrolls of magic plans and sharpen the sword of confidence. A few weeks later, LAN embraced another 50 new communities, it created some challenges to the onboarding but thanks to the Brickmates and Support Engagers, we are making good progresses. Now, the result of the latest round of LAN NPS survey has just been presented to us, hot and fresh. We are ready to dive into your feedback, especially for the part about the local market interactions. It definitely sets a good baseline for the new Market Integration team and help us find the knot to crack. Talking about the new team, I’m super excited to have our new colleague Alyssa onboard next week which will definitely bring in stronger portfolio.

    At the same time, the AFOL events are happening all over the place. It’s so nice to read these guest blogs from many different ambassadors. I believe it is exactly the unstoppable passion and this life-long commitment from the AFOL community keeps us forward and motivated!

    Wish you and your fellow AFOLs have a nice weekend!

    Edited by Jacky Chen

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