• The LEGO® House Christmas Lunch experience for AFOLs only

    Jan Beyer

    Dear all, first of all I wish you a Happy New Year!


    When LEGO® House announced its first Christmas party for AFOLs, it was actually with a bit of anxiety. One could not quite know if the event would carry - a Saturday evening late in December? - in Billund? - for international AFOLs?

    All doubt proved unfounded. The word of the event was quickly spread and in a few days the tickets were rapidly sold. So there we are. Saturday evening on the 16th December, 70 excited adult LEGO enthusiasts from 8 different countries went to Billund to hold their first Christmas party at LEGO House. After such a great event there is no doubt -a new tradition has been founded!


    Andres Lehmann from Zusammengebaut.com and Michael Friedrichs from Promobricks.de were among the participants and we have been permitted to publish their review of the event: http://zusammengebaut.com/gruss-aus-dem-lego-house-in-billund-40579/ and https://www.promobricks.de/afol-julefrokost-event-im-lego-house-in-billund-bericht-und-bilder/48919 as well as a report about the new 10260 Downtown Diner that was presented by the LEGO Designer at the Christmas Party http://zusammengebaut.com/lego-downtown-diner-10260-mike-psiaki-im-interview-40629/


    The evening was a lot of fun for all participants as well as us as hosts and we are looking forward to the 2018 version of this activity.


    All the best,

    Astrid Mueller, Senior Event & Tour Manager in LEGO House and Jan Beyer, Community Manager LEGO System A/S



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    Despite the long roadtime for travel we had a lot of fun on this (for me) two and a half day event ;) Met a lot of known and new faces. I'm looking forward for this year's events in LEGO House, we will surely see again! Everyone have a nice and brick-ful year :-)

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    I really need to run the websites through Google Translate so I can read the reviews. The talk about the design process of the Diner by Mike Psiaki is really interesting, though!

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    i had an amazing time and look forward to doing it again this year :)

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