• Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days 2018

    Kim Thomsen

    From May 30th to June 1st we had the pleasure of hosting the 3rd Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days here in Billund. The popularity of the event has certainly grown and we had 21 RLFMs here with nearly 30 representatives from the various fan media in total.

    Present were representatives from :

    • Beyond The Brick
    • Blocks
    • Blocks Hungary
    • Brick Architect
    • Brick Fanatics
    • Brickfinder
    • Brickset
    • Eurobricks
    • Hello Bricks
    • Hispabrick Magazine
    • Hoth Bricks
    • JediNews
    • Klemmbausteinlyrik
    • LTR 
    • Promobricks
    • Sariel.pl
    • Stuck in Plastic
    • The Brothers Brick
    • The New Elementary
    • Toy Photographers
    • Zusammengebaut

    Wednesday kicked off with an icebreaker activity where the participants had to build themselves as a BrickHeadz figure using the 41597 Go Brick Me set. The personalized BrickHeadz were later used for a group photo:


    With the ice broken we moved into talks, discussions and presentations circling topics such as leaks, Novelty Policy, Plants from Plants and Market Integration. I will not go into details on these topics as I am certain the RLFM present most likely will do their own articles on what happened and what was discussed. My impression was that both the legal team present, the Plants from Plants team and the RLFM all benefited from being there and participating.





    Thursday was, as usual, the most hectic day being the Interview Day. We successfully planned and ran more than 70 interviews with various LEGO designers and key personnel from the AFOL Engagement Department.



    Once the interviews were done, we grabbed pizza and a bunch of the new LEGO City Trains and spend the evening building and playing with them. Despite the joys of having the new trains in hand, it was a bit frustrating to discover that we had no batteries to power them up (sorry!)

    Friday was spend at the LEGO House participating in the Press Conference unveiling the new LEGO Technic Bugatti Supercar. It was an awesome event where the RLFM had front row seat and an additional 30 minutes were added to the press conference Q&A to be able to answer the technical questions from the RLFMs.


    Thank You for coming and for being truly amazing. I am fairly certain we want to do this again next year.


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    Thank you Kim and the AFOL Engagement Team. ^_^ As far as I know it was a pleasure for Andres and Matthias to meet so many representatives from the various fan media  sites. Both enjoyed their stay in Billund and had a lot of fun :)

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    The video of the RLFM powered train was rather fun though

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    Speaking of trains, as a direct result of the RLFM Days we have posted a series of videos on Facebook about the new Powered Up, explaining, among other things, how to pair several hubs on the same or different channels, behaviour of the app vs the remote and much more. I'm adding the videos that show the use of more than one hub since the rest has had ample coverage on other channels as well.






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    Love the work HispaBrick Magazine has done on the system discovering what can be done :-)

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