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  • Perth Bricktober visit

    Kevin Ahn

    Two weeks ago, I visited Bricktober held in Perth, Australia.

    It was 6th anniversary of the event and more than 70 AFOLs participated with 32 Assistants, Total number of 8057 visitors.

    The most interesting part was where Stephen planned big engagement zone where visitors can touch and play the bricks on site. I was able to witness the joy and creativity of children and parents, trying to build on their own after seeing amazing fan creations. It was awesome.

    The builds were amazing, but more amazing than the builds were catching up with so many AFOLs and TFOLs, hearing background stories how they come up with the ideas and how they make them into real life. Also lots of fun stories about how they started and now where they are and sharing valuable feedback.


    Loving the boxing gloves!


    @John Geijsman loved the small builds! thank you for sharing stories behind them :D 


    GNK droid are just named after how they sound 'Gonk' and I didn't know about this!


    Traffic was quite heavy even on Sunday.


    Was able to see the tower which was also featured on LEGO Masters Australia, each floor have own theme. On top floor, Fabuland was featured!


    Very interesting build using smoke(water I guess?) to show Brick Burnout.

    This model was created by David who was one of contestant of LEGO Masters Australia, he build the strongest LEGO Bridge which holded 88KG:



    Big thank you for @Stephen Kendall @Richie Moir | PerthLUG @John Geijsman for warm welcoming and sharing thoughts about Brictober, our communities in Perth.

    It was truly amazing to see everyone enjoying, celebrating and sharing amazing creation with others, where you guys made it possible!

    So again thank you so much for your dedication and passion!


    Please check below link for more pictures.




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