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  • Kim Ellekjær Thomsen
    Posted by Keith Severson on Nov 4th 2014
    Hello Community,
    This weekend their is a very special activity happening in Copenhagen, Denmark. This Sunday will be the European unveiling of the film, ”Beyond the Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary”!
    It is happening at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival on Sunday (Nov. 9th) at 16:00.
    This is a really exciting film which showcases the amazing AFOL community! 
    We are also very excited and privileged to have an AFOL team from the Danish RLUG, Byggepladen, to be at the theater displaying some of their MOC’s for the public to see.   So not only can people walk into a theater and enjoy the film, they can then can get the complete hands on experience of what it means to be an AFOL!
    There are still tickets on sale.
    I hope to see you there!

    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen
    Posted by Keith Severson on Oct 31st 2014
    Hello Community,
    The first day of onboarding into the new platform has went really well!  Well over half of all the LUG Ambassadors activated their accounts yesterday and we expect the rest to come in the next few days.
    We were also able to update the F.A.Q. page of the site to now have all of the 2015 support programs.  
    HAVE YOU SEEN THE MAP!  It is so awesome to see an up-to-date and living map of the entire community!

    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen
    Posted by Keith Severson on Oct 30th, 2014
    Today we are excited to invite over 200 LUG’s into the new LEGO Ambassador Network!
    This new site is a place not only for LUG Ambassadors but the entire community as well.  You will notice that we have a map, events list, Blog and an FAQ which should contain valuable information for the community.
    The site is very new, so there is not a lot of information on these tabs just yet, however in the days ahead you will see these tabs be populated.  One important piece of information to look forward to is that by Monday November 3rd, the 2015 support programs which are offered by the Community Engagement and events team will be posted and available for all LUG’s to take advantage of!
    Welcome to the new site, we hope your experience will be great

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