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  • Paul Striefler

    Happy Valentine's Day

    By Paul Striefler, in LAN Blog,

    Posted by Paul Striefler on February 15th 2017

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you from the Community Team! We hope you were able to spend it with your special someone.
    I dropped by my local LBR Store on my way home tonight to check out the Adult Building night which took place between 6-8pm. There were a few people building upon my arrival and store was pretty busy for a Tuesday night. The staff told me that they filled all 30 spots available and even allowed for an extra 5-6 slots. The mini build tonight was a nice little rose with 26 pieces. I enjoyed watching a few people build and the smiles it brought while doing something together! I also joined in the fun and made one for my wife.
    I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!

    Paul Striefler
    Posted by Paul Striefler on February 12th 2017

    Hi All from Snowmaggedon here in Connecticut!
    We had about 22 inches of snowdrop Thursday night and into Friday and are currently getting another 8-10 inches today, Sunday. This has really been the first snowfall of the year for us, which is crazy considering it is the second week of February. As a skier, I am absolutely loving it and cannot wait to get on the slopes! The snow has certainly added some excitement and buzz to everyone’s lives over the past few days.
    In addition to all this snow hype, we also had some great things happening here in Enfield! Tanja my manager and Yun Mi our Director of Innovation and Development have been in the office this week visiting myself and the rest of our US based team. It was fantastic to have both of them here as they work out of our Billund office and we do not get to see each other very often.
    This also provided the perfect timing to hold our first ever RLUG Workshop. We opened the doors to 50 RLUG members on Friday to spend the day with us and discuss some important topics that we believe will bring added value and support to both the Community Team and our community. Although the snow did cancel a few of the flights into Connecticut, it did not stop everyone! We had 34 brave souls from 9 different RLUGs (QueLUG, WMLUG, NEOLUG, TexLUG, MichLUG, NELUG, ConnLUG, RLUG, and PennLUG) battle the snow and make the drive to Enfield.
    We started off our morning hearing from each of the LUGs in regards to the Past, Present, and Future of their clubs. This was one of my favorite parts of the day as I got to hear about some interesting initiatives as well as got a cool inside look at each group. I think there was a ton of "AHA" moments as many people around the rooms shared the same perspective but also learned something new that they can take back to their LUG. After these presentations and during our working lunch we heard from Tim Courtney about LEGO Ideas, Sara Moore about Rebrick and Tanja provided an overview of the new LEGO House opening in Billund. We then proceeded down to the company store where everyone got to do a bit of shopping.  I believe most scored a bunch of goodies as far as I could tell from all the yellow LEGO shopping bags!  We headed back to the auditorium for the rest of the workshop where we heard a presentation on the Support Programs and LAN 2.0. We had some interesting discussion as well as some awesome feedback. I loved this portion as well and wish we had more time for this. The day ended with a tour of the campus and catered dinner in our canteen.
    Our day was met with a ton of enthusiasm, which led to some great discussions, and on top of that, I got to meet some incredible people! I felt very inspired leaving this workshop and hope that we can do something like this again in the future.


    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen
    EDIT: Looks like the draft/scheduled publication/prepared blog post did NOT work for me this time.I usually consider myself ok in terms of setting up timed activities like blog posts, surveys and such - but this time it failed - please accept my deepest apologies for not having this out Friday as agreed.
    It's Friday and for some odd reason I am once more the Community Manager doing the Community Manager Weekly - perhaps this should be renamed to Kim Weekly with random visits of other Community Managers?I can't even blame the guy who set up the rotation schedule, because that is me too. I guess I just somewhat failed, even though there are perfectly valid reasonings behind it being me again already.I swear that soon the rotation scheduled will be in motion and then you won't have to hear from me every weel (almost).
    So this week introduced the pseudo-global launch of the LEGO Life app. We had launch "parties" here in Billund and in Enfield as well - check out Paul's and/or Kevin's Instagram for pictures from the US launch party. I left my phone in office and obviously didn't get any photos of our launch here - but as the saying goes "seen one, seen them all" :-)
    LEGO Life will be rolling out globally over the next year, starting out in Europe and the US and then spreading globally. 
    We've also been onboarding loads of new Recognized LEGO User Groups and LEGO Fan Media overe the past week. We ended the reviews ultimo February and started sending out approvals and rejections soon after. Welcome to all those who got approved and we're sorry for those that didn't.
    I approved and onboarded 17 new Recognized LEGO Fan Media all over the world. Perhaps I should share a list of all the recognized LEGO Fan Media in one of my future Community Manager Weekly posts?
    I've also been working more on preparing the LEGO Fan Media Days here in Billund, dated to be May 31st to June 2nd. I know the Recognized LEGO Fan Media are eagerly awaiting more information and invites, but I still need a little time to get everything right and work on some of the logistics. Patience is key.
    Have an awesome weekend, I know I will, I get to celebrate my birthday a little later than actual, but I get to celebrate it with my daughter ( a little early) and we're going bowling with the gramps and grandmas! 
    Take care and Always Be Yourself, unless You can be Batman, then be Batman!
    /kim :-)

    Jan Beyer
    Posted by Jan Beyer on February 1st 2017

    Dear UK and Ireland AFOLs, please see the attached flyver for an exciting LEGO Building Competition on Channel 4.It should be a pretty cool activity so perhaps you might be interested to join or know somebody who would be a great person so feel free to share.
    Please note that this activity is only open for UK or Ireland residents.
    I am looking forward to spot some AFOLs on TV!

    Jacky Chen
    Posted by Jacky Chen on January 27th 2017
    Dear AFOL community,
    The saying says "good things come in threes", however I'm breaking that loop from having Kim for the 3rd CMW blog in a row. So yes, it will be me to share a little bit of my excellent January in Asia.
    As most of you might know, quite a lot Asian countries will celebrate the Chinese New Year from today as the New Year Eve according to the Lunar Year Calendar. Once a year, families will be reunited no matter how far you've been going. Feast will be served and the red pockets will be given to those younger kids as good wishes. Based on the Chinese Zodiac, it's the year of the rooster starting from tomorrow, that's why you've been seeing various rooster MOCs from the Asian AFOL community. I have to say, so many of them are really beautiful!

    Back to the working life. Yesterday, Jan, Paul, Kim and I went through the list of new sign-ups for RLUG/RLFM in the last cycle. We are very excited to see a great number of potential RLUGs and RLFMs, the next step will be us going back to the applicants with acceptance, declination or request for further information within February. So sit back and wait for our new friends to the LAN.
    From last September, three Chinese RLUGs were invited to build a 1.5m x 1.5m diorama for showcasing in the new LEGO Shanghai Hub. Their ambassador selected nine talent builders while the traditional Chinese architecture was decided to be the theme. After four months of coordination and hardworking, the diorama finally managed to be assembled and installed in the new Hub which are still under construction two weeks ago. Here's the spoiler but the background has to be removed due to confidentiality. So cool, isn't it?

    Last but not the least, the 2nd registration period for Japan Brickfest 2017 (aka: Kobe Fan Weekend) will open until February 28th. Don't miss the chance if you are interested in participating and displaying your model over there.
    Okay, that's pretty much for this week. I wish you all have a great weekend and Chinese New Year! See you next week and never forget - Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen
    So I guess that I am back for another round of this!
    I promise that next Friday it won't be me doing this - last week I ended up doing it as we agreed the Community Manager Weekly the day before or so and someone had to step in and that was me.And even though I made the schedule/calendar I, conveniently, forgot that I was already scheduled for this Friday.
    No worries, I got plenty on my mind to share with you. 
    The past week has been about e-mails, as any week, but also about some very interesting topics. We've managed to get a good start on the new and upcoming LAN platform and it has been very exiting. Sadly I cannot share details with you just yet, but rest assured that it will be, as I see it, a massive improvement with several of the functions that you've all been very vocal about the past couple of years on this platform.
    I've also compiled the LBR Fan Pick survey data and shipped it all to Kevin so he can sort and continue the dialogue with LBR. A big thank you to those of you who took the time to collect feedback from your community and pass it on to us through the survey link. Can't wait to see how much and which parts will end up on LBR Pick A Brick Walls around NA and hopefully the rest of the world as well.
    Also several shipments of various LEGO items have arrived at my desk. We've secured a (small) shipment of various LEGO Batman the Movie items - the Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman keychain and Batman + Bat Signal are among them as well as some supersweet Star Wars droids. Can't wait to put them good use towards the community. It's nice that we are sometimes included on the orderlists of these things, though it is more difficult than you'd imagine to get our hands on such "merchandise". It is normally forecasted, produced and shipped directly to the markets.
    Also I've been trying to keep up with the massive load of Review Reports from the Recognized LEGO Fan Media coming in. It is amazing how many superawesome reviews and articles that get produced and published every week - we clearly need a spot in the new LAN where they can be shared from the Recognized LEGO Fan Media towards the rest of the ambassadors so they can bring it back to their members and miss out on as little as possible. I try to share through my "official profile" on Facebook, but there is soo much to keep track of and only a fixed amount of hours in a day, so I have to prioritize and that often means "no time for sharing". So everyone out there, make sure you bookmark and subscribe to all the amazing Recognized LEGO Fan Media sites - they are FANTASTIC!
    It's Friday the 20th which means a weekend is coming fast and I look forward to being with my family since I missed out on that with last weekend's hike in the Danish "outback" - which was great, but still not the same as being with your wife and children. Also today is the launch date for Aether Revolt and I really really "need" to get me a display box that I can spend the evening sorting and enjoying.
    First thing on my calendar for next week is to get the "Review Report Overview" out to the Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) as promised. There is now a lot of data and to ease the process of keeping track of what's been reported and not, I promised the RLFM that I would be sending out reports with overviews of the reviews they've reported. So a list will go out for each RLFM showing which they have reported and which they have not reported yet.
    Next up is the update of your customer id with our department. So hopefully end of next week, I will have an new and updated version of the Customer ID suvery ready for you to fill out. If you do have a customer id already, make sure to check the data you have and prepare new information if you need to change the person responsible for making payments on behalf of your community. If you do not have a customer id at this point, then the survey will provide you with an option to create on by giving us the needed information - name, address, phone number, e-mail, VAT number (if applicable) and preferred currency (EUR, DKK or USD are available).
    Have a great weekend, happy building and see you all next week.

    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen
    Dear AFOL Community.
    We are back from the X-Mas Holidays and we are feeling good.
    As something new, we've decided to kickstart the following initiative - "The Community Manager Weekly". We plan on doing weekly posts here on the LAN Blog and we take turns doing it, so each week will feature a post from either Jacky, Jan, Paul or me.
    The content is not fixed, so we might talk about our areas of responsibility, the recent and future work we do, new plans for future initiatives or perhaps the most recent we were visiting - I am for example taking the opportunity in my (this first) Community Manager Weekly, to introduce the concept and dive into an upcoming deadline and getting to a preview of LEGO Batman the Movie.
    Review of RLFM and RLUG applications.The last day of January marks the final day to submit applications to gain recognition either as an RLUG (Recognized LEGO User Group) or as an RLFM (Recognized LEGO Fan Media).Come early February we will start the reviews and carefully evaluate each application. Once the review process is complete which may take a few weeks - depending on the number of applications, we will be sending out responses to all applicants letting them know whether they have been recognized or not. This is to be completed no later than end of February. If You have submitted an application and have not heard from us by March 1st - do let us know by sending me an e-mail at KimT@LEGO.com and I will investigate further.
    LEGO Batman the MovieYesterday all of the Billund LEGO Employees were invited to see LEGO Batman the Movie at the LEGO Studios in LEGOLAND Billund.There were 2 sessions with up to 400 seats in each session. I personally submitted my "yes please" less than 60 seconds after the invitation landed in my inbox last week and I was NOT disappointed. I encourage everyone to see it - the humor is spot on and it carries a lot of the hidden messages and nerdy comments that I loved from LEGO The Movie. I am already planning to see it again once it goes public in February.
    I am looking forward to a weekend with old friends, hiking in the Danish "outback". I'll see you all again Monday.
    And remember - Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman!

    Jan Beyer

    Happy New Year 2017

    By Jan Beyer, in LAN Blog,

    Posted by Jan Beyer on December 31st 2016

    I wish you all a healthy start in the New Year 2017! May all your wishes come true and will it become a safe and prosperous year for us all!
    Thank you so much for a great cooperation! It is very much appreciated!

    Tanja | LEGO

    Happy Holidays to all!

    By Tanja | LEGO, in LAN Blog,

    Dear all amazing AFOLs out there,
    Today we had the final team meeting of the year in Operations & Community Engagement, rounding of with reflections on the past year, a busy year with many challenges but also in so many ways another fantastic year, not least thanks to all of you for enjoying the LEGO hobby to the fullest, making sure that we are always amazed by what you can do with the brick! We treasure the great things you do, inspirering som many people all over the world and we enjoy the conversations and relations we have, be it online on LAN, Ideas or Rebrick or at the Fan events or your visits to Billund.
    We all look forward to the new year, eager to see what it might bring!
    On behalf of the O&CE team I would like to wish you and your families Happy Holidays and may the new year be no less fantastic than the one we are now leaving behind:) In the picture is our entire team, Paul and Sara are in the US so they are on Skype and Ana is vacationing in Costa Rica so we had to be a bit creative to get everyone in the picture;)
    All the best,

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