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    Kim Thomsen

    End of January we closed the application link and started reviewing the 140+ applications we'd received. It took time and we're sorry for keeping all you waiting for so long. But we want to be perfectly sure when granting recognition that the LEGO Ambassador Network (LAN) is a perfect fit for the community asking for recognition and the rest of LAN's participating communities.

    We carefully read through each application, look at the links and consider the motivation put down on why you are looking for recognition. And there's still some out there who think the LAN is about news, products for reviews and influencer activities - it's not. It has some of it, but it is not the primary purpose. The primary purpose is still networking community to community and community to The LEGO Group.

    At the end of the review phase we ended up with just below 50 communities divided into Recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG), Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC) and Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM). We had to keep the total number of new communities at no more than 50 as the onboarding is very important and run by a group of dedicated ambassadors whom we do not wish to overload when they "work" as ambassadors for their communities in their valuable spare time.

    It would be a massive undertaking to name and describe each of them individually, so instead I'll direct you to our Community Locator, where all communities (once settled in on LAN) have created a profile on their respective community, what it does and where to find it. You can also check your own community - should you be a member of a recognized community - or even find one close to you which you could join!

    This is the list of recognized communities let in this round.

    ALUG - Advanced LEGO Users Group
    BiB - Bricks in Bits
    Brick Alley North East LEGO User Group
    Brick Architect
    Brick Central LUG
    Brickboard - die Brickfilm-Community
    CANLug - CantonLUG
    ChiLUG - ChicoLUG
    De Bouwsteen
    EstLUG - Estonian LEGO User Group
    Garage LUG (GLUG)
    HILUG - Hawaii Lego Users Group
    IdSLUG - ImperiumderSteine LUG
    IowaLUG - Iowa LEGO Users Group
    Kockabarátok Kiállítói Közösség
    LCP - LCP Panama  
    Les Briques en Folie
    LUG Panama
    LUGO - Lego User Group Otago
    MILUG - Mid Island LUG
    MINT - MINDSTORMS International
    MosTechCrew - Moscow Technic Crew
    Piemonte Bricks Lug
    SALUG - South Australian LEGO User Group
    SHLUG- Brick Hobby Friends LUG of Shanghai
    TIELUG - The Inland Empire LEGO User Group
    WamaLTC    (Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Train Club)
    WAMALUG - Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Users Group

    Most of them already have access to LAN, but there is a few which we haven't heard back from yet. We will be trying again this week to get hold of them.

    If you are considering applying for recognition, start writing up your motivation and consider if you are a RLUG, RLOC or RLFM. I an week or two, we'll open up the application link again. Both link and community descriptions as well as rules can be found in the "Forums" - all have access to the Visitor Zone and The LEGO Ambassador Network Forum.


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    Here is holding Thumbs for our SAFOLs group that is currently in the review process.


    Well done guys!

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