• Modular building AFOL evening at LEGO House

    Jan Beyer

    On Friday March 9th, 2018 LEGO House will host an event for true LEGO fans with a passion for the modular buildings theme.

    The evening consists of a mix of interviews, hands-on building activity dinner and of course time to chat.


    The facilitator of the interviews is the in the AFOL Community well-known and long-term LEGO fan Are Heiseldal from Norway.

    Are is a sports journalist at his day job and a dedicated LEGO collector and builder the rest of the time.


    He will interview in his charming way key LEGO people involved in the Modular buildings theme.


    Participants of the event are invited to bring an own designed first floor based on the layout of the Parisian Restaurant (#10243) so that we can stack them to an very own modular building for the event. The floor is to be taken home afterwards again.


    Programme of the event

    16.00:               Welcome and start stacking the floors

    16.15:               On-stage interview with Austin Carlson from the LEGO Group. Austin works as a graphic designer and has a broad experience within

                               several LEGO product lines. (20min)

    16.40:               On-stage interview with Jeppe Ramlau, who works in Novelty Engineering in the LEGO Group. Jeppe is involved in designing and

                              creating new elements and new moulds. He is the link between the designers and the engineers.  (20min)

    17.05:               On-stage interview with Anne Egelund from the LEGO Group. Anne works in marketing and has been involved with the Modular

                               building theme for quite some time. (20min)

    17.45:               Warm buffet

    18.45:               On-stage interview with Jamie Berard from the LEGO Group, who is the iconic LEGO designer behind many modular buildings.


    19.15:               Hands-on session at the tables facilitated by Jamie. Jamie will share building tips and tricks and will build a small exterior scenery

                               together with you. LEGO elements are provided and the build can be taken home after the session.

    20:00                End of play.


    Price per Person: 449 DKK pr. person (including dinner + 2 drinks)


    Please note: The arrangement does not include a ticket for the Experience Zones in LEGO House. We reserve the right to cancel the arrangement in case of less than 40 participants. In case we receive more than 80 requests will we draw the participants randomly.


    So if you are up for a great arrangement with great people in great surroundings please send me an email (Jan@LEGO.com) no later than February 11th 2018 end of day all timezones so I can get you on the list.

    I will inform you after the deadline via email if you can participate and will send you the booking link.


    I am looking forward to a very cool arrangement!




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