• Live from Kockice Convention

    Jan Beyer

    This weekend I visit the Kockice Convention in a small city near Croatias capital Zagreb.

    It is the first time that Ed Petrac and his team pull this international event off and it seems to be quite a success from the start with almost 80 participants from 13 different countries.

    So it is a weekend of fun and seeing old friends and making new together with a public exhibition of fantastic MOCs.

    I attach some pictures I took earlier today.

    The events website is http://convention.kockice.hr/.

    So I really hope that this event grows and will see many more AFOLs from all over the world in the years to come.

    Thanks so much to Ed, Marin and all other involved for making this great event happen!

    It is a true pleasure to join.










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    It was great having you there, Jan. :)

    And of course, big thanks to @Eduard Petrac and whole Kockice team, you got it right on first try! I hope (no, I'm sure of it) that this will become traditional event and place where AFOLs from region and all over the meet and have good time (similar as in Skaerbaek, Peredes and other fine places).

    Next day we also had a kind of ambassador meeting, but without any too serious topics (but we did taste a bit of a portugese product :))

    Fotografija osebe Eduard PetraÄ.


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    There were plenty of traditional, local & international treats to please the sweet tooth of all the afols.
    Thank you to everyone who took part in this & put his shoulders towards this great event..


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