• LEGO Play Day 2018!

    Jordan Paxton

    Let's Play

    Around the world the LEGO offices were closed Friday while employees took the day to remember what it is like to be a kid through play! Celebrations included concerts, food, arts & crafts, game shows, wellness activities, magicians, petting zoos and lots of LEGO bricks! One of the best parts is that every market/country celebrates differently! Whether it was a local office with 10 employees or Billund with around 4,000 employees the atmosphere was exciting and the options were plenty.

    Each activity was focused on one of 5 different key play values including cognitive, physical, creative, social and emotional skills. To help us visualize these key values we even all received a special lanyard and printed bricks!


    Social and Emotional play is important as well. Even if you are just coloring, relaxing on a giant bean bag or petting a pot bellied pig!




    Many employees were impressed to see the LEGO elements used in ways they had never imagined before.

    LEGO Power Functions Drawing Robots/Spirographs:


    Blind Builds:



    Flower Gardens:


    Physical Activities:

    940153460_PlayDay-Memory.thumb.jpg.df9d523f4f61cc53cf35f5c92881809a.jpgIMG_0748.thumb.JPG.4973c9831bc07b5fa6f8b4b05ad70fae.JPG875366362_PlayDaySlotCarracing.thumb.jpg.0cba8a7925d56a70a6c88bd99b812030.jpg1000844338_PlayDayEscapeRoom.thumb.jpg.47be6feefb5393d4255c8fe3bea365f4.jpgPlay Day 3D Mosaic.jpg

    It is unlikely we even realized that we were learning through play!

    Play Day is all about dropping the rule book and playing for a day to help stay relaxed, centered and focused. To view more images of Play Day, you can look up #LEGOPLAYDAY on social sites.


    If your LEGO Community takes a day to relax and play please share below.


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    Jordan, can you post a detailed description on the Spirograph?  Or maybe a couple photos so others can replicate?  The picture in the blog post is blurry (it was in motion).   It looks like a fun activity to do.

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