• LEGO Employees Embrace Plants from Plants

    Jordan Paxton


    Plants from Plants has created as many questions as it has creations over the past few weeks and LEGO® employees around the world are taking part as well! Yesterday we got the opportunity to build with the “new” elements. As promised, we could not spot the difference and nor will our great grandkids when these are passed down.

    IMG_1449.thumb.JPG.dc1c81cd270bace2cca759d60215435d.JPG   IMG_1453.thumb.JPG.7c616373a4878ccc4c951773ec0bc634.JPG

    As many of you are doing, we are hosting our own MOC challenge as well. Employees around the world are encouraged to build their own plant superhero, and the winning entry will receive a copy of the first set with the new elements. Sadly, I don’t see being a designer in my near future!



    Obviously change creates questions and you might have a few yourself. You can learn more and participate in the conversation at LEGO.com/plantsfromplants and our social media channels.

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