• LEGO Ambassador Network Applications Update!

    Kim Thomsen

    So it is time for a little update on the LEGO Ambassador Network (or LAN as it is commonly referred to).

    We've had a tremendous start to the year and we're currently onboarding around 60 new communities from all over the world (approved in the first and second review of 2018). We have a group of ambassadors who've dedicated themselves to welcome, assist and onboard new communities and their ambassadors (the BrickMates). This takes time - a lot of time - because we want it done properly - there's so many new things to learn and get on top of when entering the LAN and we do not want to leave anyone behind or feeling lost. 

    So we've taken the unpleasant decision of temporarily shutting down the application form to focus on getting the new communities integrated in the network before taking in more communities. We're terribly sorry but also overwhelmed by the current success and interest and for that we're grateful and humbled. 

    • Any applications which were submitted prior to the termination of the application link will be reviewed in the beginning of June.
    • The Application Form is expected to reopen mid summer 2018

    These are the communities we've given recognition in our latest review (April 2018):

    • BALUG 
    • Brick Galaxy
    • candidbricks
    • ML-Mocer League 
    • Normand'Bricks
    • Perth Lego Users Group, PerthLUG
    • SAFOLs
    • TartanLUG
    • TC - Titans Creations
    • TRLUG

    Welcome to all of them - we're currently in the process of granting them access to the platform and once we do there will be more than 325 Recognized Communities on LAN split between Recognized LEGO User Group (RLUG), Recognized LEGO Online Community (RLOC) and Recognized LEGO Fan Media (RLFM).

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    Thanks for the update @Kim Thomsen and welcome to all the new communities.

    Good to see PerthLUG on the list, they are a great bunch of people. 

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    @Kim Thomsen hi Kim I don’t know if my email reach you, did not get a confrimation. Update me about it please. Have an awesome day


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