• Guest Blog Post: SydLUG shines at the 2018 Sydney Brick Show


    SydLUG members were among the exhibitors at the recent Sydney Brick Show (April 21-22), Sydney’s premier LEGO fan event. Over 100 displays were presented over two days to more than 5000 visitors to the show.

    Previously held at Sydney Town Hall, this year’s show, held at Penrith Panthers Pavilion, was more accessible to the thousands of families and LEGO fans in greater Western Sydney and raised money for local disability charity, NADO (Nepean Area Disability Organisation).

    Prior to the show SydLUG members set the goal of beating the world record for the most Minifig habitats displayed (1094). 37 members, smashed the record out of the park with a total of 1547 habitats being displayed in an impressive wall configuration. A fitting celebration of the Minifig’s 40th anniversary this year.




    The habitat building proved to be a great bonding experience for the LUG with everyone sharing progress and tips online in the lead-up to the show. The excitement was contagious with several exhibitors outside the LUG asking to bring their own habitats to be part of the display. The LUG found habitat building an excellent way of developing new builders who may not have as many parts at their disposal, allowing them to be creative in a smaller space.

    Another of the highlights of the show this year was a massive galactic frontier themed collaboration (5 x 2 metres) showcasing the work of 12 members of the Sydney LEGO User Group. The show’s mascot, an innocent spaceman named Apollo, finds himself on a distant world where a rare ore named LEGOtonium has been discovered. It’s a tough frontier world with all manner of aliens trying to discover their own plot of LEGOtonium. Creativity and humour collide in this amazing display that included ‘Bacon City’ the city corner where heroes and scum “meat” over the infamous outer rim wings and space hotdogs.

    SydLUG members were among the major award winners at this year’s show, ‘Best in Show’ going to SydLUG husband and wife team, Gavin and Samantha, who created a detailed city themed moc – All Star Arena Precinct, comprising a huge arena, church, playground, park, tennis courts, brick-built roads and modular style buildings. Over 400 minifigs were used to bring the scene alive and the arena was left open at the back to showcase the ice rink where ‘Disney on Ice’ was taking place. Four unique sets for the show were changed out every fifteen minutes and proved a crowd favourite.

    The ‘AFOL’s Choice’ was an impressive moc of the Singaporean apartment complex, The Interlace, by SydLUG builder, Graham. Built using around 95,000 pieces the creation is a beautiful example of an architectural style build in microscale.


    Another SydLUG award recipient was Bradley, with Foster’s Carnival, who received a Highly Commended for his moving parts carnival rides that are amazingly life-like, down to the trucks he has built for them to be ‘transported’ on. SydLUG member, Joel, was recognised for ‘Creative Use of Parts’ for his display, Under the Black Sun, which was set up in a tent with special UV lighting shining on trans LEGO creations to produce a mind-blowing effect.

    Notable Mentions were given to SydLUGgers, Richard and Melissa for their ‘Pirate Cove’ moc; Rohan for his ‘Beatles Turntable’; Kristie for her Beatles mosaic and Michelle, for her mosaic of ‘The Ode.’

    All displays were well-received by the crowd and exhibitors had a very positive show experience, sharing their passion and hard work with the community and catching up with each other to talk bricks and pieces.



    The show also boasted a children’s building competition (with winning entries on display on Saturday 21 April), a kids free building area with LEGO graffiti wall, a remote controlled LEGO race track and meet and greets with costumed characters.

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    Congratulations to the Members of SydLUG for organising a great show and smashing the record for most Minifig habitats displayed, this is a awesome achievement and a great way to get the community involved.

    Great to see your club raising funds for the Nepean Area Disability Organisation, well done SydLUG!!!

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    Some really nice builds in the photos and I'm very impressed with the habitat display.  Getting everyone in the club to come together and really put in the effort to create that is an achievement worthy of praise in and of itself.  Well done :)

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