• Guest Blog Post: SEALUG at Emerald City Comic Con

    The Seattle Lego Users Group (SEALUG) was invited to Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) to display for the seventh year! ECCC is the third largest comic convention in the USA and draws 100,000+ people over a 4 day period to the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, WA. ECCC is about comics as well as everything related to science-fiction (sci-fi), fantasy, TV, movies, animation, artists, actors, and pop culture. The MOC’s that we created reflect that diversity!

    We were provided with 8000 square feet of display space and we had several local LEGO vendors (secondary market) set up nearby selling minifigures, collectible sets, and other LEGO items. This year we had a Kid’s Build Zone where families had access to loose brick to build anything to their hearts desire!

    SEALUG partnered with other LEGO User Groups in the area, such as Architecture Lego Users Group (ARCHLUG) and South Puget Sound Lego User Group (SPSLUG) to provide a wide display of LEGO MOC’s and mosaics. We had close to 70 participants across all the LUG’s with SEALUG providing the majority at over 50!

    Each year the displays change due to what’s “hot” in sci-fi/fantasy, movies, TV, and comic books and that’s the beauty of coming to our event year over year as you never know what you’ll see or find! Some noteworthy displays are highlighted below!

    Mark Andaya’s mosaic from the Disney movie “Coco!” The mosaic be on display later this year at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet, a Disney Fan Event!


    Right next to Mark’s mosaic was Steve Oakes display of “Cap’n Crunch”

    Next to Steve’s display was Anu Pehrson’s rice plantation inspired by the LEGO Ninjago movie!

    Carlyle Livingston and Caleb Watson’s “Empire Strikes Back” scene was definitely a crowd pleaser!
    The Brothers Brick sponsored at new collaborative city build based upon the LEGO Ninjago movie as well. We expect a larger display in October at BrickCon 2018!
    Here’s David Frank standing behind his “Starcraft II” MOC!

    Finally, Bre Burn’s Technic pinball machine was another huge hit of the show.

    Lastly, “it takes a village” to put on this event like this each year. I would like to personally thank the following people:

    ·         RJ Coughlin who has been our ECCC coordinator for the last seven years. He does a great job of coordinating with ECCC, the builders, and the LUG’s!

    ·         Geoff Vleck of Geoff Vlcek Photography who was our official photographer for ECCC this year. Here’s the link to where you can find more pictures from ECCC by Geoff Vlcek.

    Last and not least, THANKS to the entire team for this year’s ECCC!

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