• Guest Blog Post: ItLUG Borgoricco 2018

    On July 7-8 ItLUG had one of it main events in Italy: ItLUG Borgoricco 2018 - BorgoBrick, in the small town of Borgoricco, near Padua and Venice, in northern-east Italy.

    This event has been going on for five years now, and this year we were back to its alternative locations, the Civic Center and the Museum of Roman Centuriation, because its "usual" location, the nearby school, is currently closed for renovation. This also meant we had to add two big tents outside to be able to display all the MOCs that had been registered.




    The event took place during the local town fair, and it being summer and set in a very hot area, on Saturday we opened late in the afternoon and remained open all the evening; this proved to be a smart decision, since we had a lot of people visiting during the whole time we were open to the public. On Sunday we had more "classic" 9-to-6 opening times, but since it was Sunday, that worked great too.

    Complete Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/itlug/albums/72157693061687250

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