• Guest Blog Post: DixieLUG at The Model Train Show

    Dana Knudson

    For the last 6 years, DixieLUG has been invited to display at The Model Train Show held every Spring in Atlanta. The show is primarily a display of HO scale model electric trains and vendors. While not your typical LEGO destination event, our display is always a big hit and stands out among the train displays. Our display covers 18 tables, (each table is roughly 102 cm x 102 cm), with the majority dedicated to the town and trains. This year we also included a Moonbase section with a Monorail. 

    The display was contributed to by 13 of our LUG members. The great thing about this kind of display is the variety of builds and that each time we display, it always has a new look to it. While we do have some official sets in the display, the majority of the display is filled up with MOCs. The big centerpiece this year was the addition of a suspension bridge and a multi-highway interchange, which is modeled after Atlanta's own Spaghetti Junction. The highway is massive! Our setup time was only 4 hours on Friday night. The roadway was barely  assembled in that time. Luckily, we had some extra time before the show opened in the morning to add the cars and details. While the display as a whole is impressive to walk up to, it is the details that people walk away talking about. There are lots of nods to pop culture and a few special effects in the mix. Our house on fire has a water vaporizer inside to give the effect of smoke coming out of the top. 


    While not as massive as our Town display, our Moonbase gets lots of attention from fans, too. Who doesn't love a Monorail? The Modular Moonbase Standard has been around for a while, but you don't see it displayed many places. Our LUG has plenty of space nuts that we can throw together a pretty impressive Moonbase display. This Moonbase display was done by only 3 of our members. I am pretty sure when we have full participation we could almost rival our Town display. I'm hoping we can do that sometime this fall. *fingers crossed*


    Funny thing about the Monorail . . . most of the kids viewing the display had never seen a LEGO Monorail before. It's great to see that even a new generation loves the appeal of the Monorail. 

    More photos from the event can be found on Flickr.


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    That Spaghetti junction is awesome! I remember seeing some shots of that last month. Complicated beast just like in real life :)

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