• Guest Blog Post: BayLUG Turns 20!

    Russell Clark

    October 10, 1998: The day that started it all. During the weekend of October 9-11, the LEGO 25th Anniversary Traveling Truck Tour made a stop in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Myself, Erik, and Ray organized a LEGO fan get-together on the old rec.toys.lego usenet group to coincide with the truck's stop. We met first in the meeting room of the police station at KEZAR Stadium in the park. I think up to 20 or so fans showed up. We shared stories, showed off MOCs, and just hung out. After that, we all walked over to visit the truck tour. Afterwards, most of us then went to Ray's church to do some LEGO trading. On the way back to our cars, Zonker and I talked about forming a LUG. We wanted to start a train specific LUG (or LTC), but there weren't enough train fans yet so we started a general LUG. Our website went live in March 1999 and our first official meeting was held in May. Later in 2000, the train club (BayLTC) was officially established.


    On Saturday, October 6, 2018, BayLUG had it's 20th Anniversary Party. Over 60 past and current members gathered at a Johannes' church to celebrate. Even some of our friends from a local LEGO Store came by to join us. There were several great MOCs on display, a history presentation, a custom anniversary cake made by our Vice President and former professional cake decorator Flynn, and a huge raffle of exclusive sets, some dating back six or so years. All the current Officers and founding members present took a group photo, which even included our special guest Tim Courtney of LEGO Ideas!

    IMG_20181006_134837543.thumb.jpg.6b15dd084faefa6b61ca2b0c713f0e67.jpg     IMG_20181006_123248549.thumb.jpg.b6aee21704aa7853a4c57c062aa58c49.jpg

    Here is what a couple members had to say:

    "When I first came out of my dark age and started building things with LEGO, the discovery of a local club of other adults who do the same really kick-started me to build more and better things. Seeing what other members build always inspires me to do more, and when we get together and put on a group display, combining our creations to exhibit far more than any of us could do on our own, it feels great!"

    – Bill

    “I became an AFOL in my 40s. I never played with LEGO as a child, but I've always been creative - music, jewelry and metal-working, fabric and fashion, scrapbooking and paper arts, photography, etc., etc. Via these various media I've also been involved with a wide range of social and professional groups .... but with most of these groups I also encountered competitiveness, jealousy, and other less than friendly interactions.

    After I discovered LEGO, joined BayLUG and began attending meetings, I soon realized that everybody was ... well, Nice. Supportive. Creative. Sharing of both ideas and parts. Building on each other's ideas rather than competing with them. And all the while maintaining a childlike enthusiasm and outlook. I absolutely love that BayLUG accepts and supports children as members and participants. I've become great friends with people I probably wouldn't have met outside BayLUG, and these friendships extend beyond our LEGO involvement. BayLUG provides many opportunities for socialization, friendly competition, support, encouragement, and education, and I'm proud to be a member.”

    – Kara


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    Love the old photos and the idea that you celebrated your anniversary. congratulations!!!


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    Great story and photos! Thanks for sharing! And that cake looks super awesome! :)

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    Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing this fantastic story plus member quotes, Russell. And thank you for the invitation - I'm sorry I could be there in person this weekend but glad that Tim was there to represent 😊. I agree with @Anna - the cake looks super awesome, Flynn! @TheKnitKnight


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