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  • Encouragement to not meet in person

    Signe Lønholdt

    Dear community members,

    Our consumer service call centres have received calls from concerned community members, who have questions regarding in-person community meetings and about physical community events.

    Our main appeal to all communities in affected COVID-19 regions: Please do not meet in person!

    We want to clarify that there’s no requirement of physical / face-to-face meetings in the community from the LEGO Group. It’s not a requirement to stay recognised and though we don’t wish to tell you how you should run your communities (you're the experts), we encourage that if recognised communities have their own guidelines to meet in person, to lift this requirement with immediate effect if your country is affected by the COVID-19 virus and to first and foremost follow your government and health authorities guidelines.

    Further we also want to highlight there’s no requirements to recognised communities to host physical events in order to stay recognised. This requirement was lifted in January 2018.

    We know that a lot of communities around the globe have already cancelled or postponed their events. We encourage that if your region is affected by the Corona virus to please cancel or postpone your physical event. 

    We hope that the situation will inspire to some alternative community meetings – for example meeting online (please feel free to share below how your community has found alternative possibilities for group meetings – your ideas can help other communities)

    We hope this sheds some light about our stance in this special situation.

    Please feel free to share this post!

    Stay safe and healthy.

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    Thanks for the clarification. Some of the things we are doing as a club as an alternative to our regular monthly in-person meetings are:

    - Weekly building challenges - themed; entries submitted via our LUG's BAND channel; winner(s) voted on by members

    - We have started a "Cabin Fever" support group chat for members to share what they are doing with so much time inside (spoiler: lots of sorting happening).

    - Sorting challenge. More informal. Members are challenging each other on who can sort the most over a weekly period.

    - We are starting to talk about some WebEx or Zoom workshops on various techniques, etc (photographing LEGO, SNOT techniques, seed parts, etc)

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    Hi everyone,

    I share you our experience of these days of forced quarantine in Italy. As You can imagine in the next weeks and months almost all the events and the meetings, that we are working on, have been cancelled. So the opportunities for us to share our passion with the public have greatly reduced.

    So what have we thought about?: We have increased interaction on social networks, we post news every day about new MOCs, new SETS and we show construction techniques collected from WEB. We also launched new polls more frequently than ever before. Our followers like a lot to express their preferences regarding a topic like new purchase, new sets, etc etc.

    But this is not enough for us and we asked ourselves what "pushes" us to do "physical" events? In our opinion, the answer is: first to show our own artworks, moc, sets, collections; second to meet AFOL  and friends to talk / interact with. We therefore made a first attempt with an Online Meeting for OrangeTEAM members only. 4 speakers used Microsoft Skype (for free) from their homes and  streamed into https://www.twitch.tv/ (on which we have opened a free account). The Feedback of the streaming  was perceived as a "normal monthly meeting": we talked about the new LEGO SETS, the difficulties of the moment, we did a live online Quiz and launched a new monthly contest. After this successful first web-experience, we decided to try to extend the experience to everyone, not only to our LUG members, just like an event open to the visitors and to other LUGs and friends. The event was called OrangeTeam Live Show & Friends, during the show, which lasted about 2 hours, we presented some new MOCs that our members have built during these days of isolation. The Mocs' photos have been hosted from our WEBSITE to allow anyone to see them later also.

    We invited some ambassadors and members from other LUGs to speak. For this I have to thank @Grillo Silvia [PiemonteBricks LUG] (Italy) and @William Peretti   (Swiss) who connected with us and spoke and answered some of our questions. We also did an online contest by rewarding it with a SET. The contest was conducted by Jody Padulano @RomaBrick - Italy. In the previous days we had asked to Jake Sadovich (USA) and Robert Bontenbal (Netherlands), two LEGO IDEAS designers whom we met in our events in recent years, to record a video of greetings for the Italian Afol community. They were fantastic and they sent us 2 very moving videos !!! It was a big surprise for everyone.

    At last we launched a documentary about our last  event of 2019 produced by one of our members (We are subtitling it, when will it be ready we will share).

    This time, to do the live broadcast, the speakers used the https://discordapp.com/ platform (with free accounts), and to publish the live video we used Twitch again. The experiment went very well, we all had a lot of fun and we will definitely try to replicate it. If you want, you can see the full video (in Italian) at this link https://orangeteamlug.it/live (starts on the second 20) at this link you can find the BOB & JAKE greeting video https://www.twitch.tv/videos/579228609

    I hope this experience will be useful to you. For us it was a way to "experiment new events model" and to feel near to our friends. We are thinking about a new online evening in which we will invite new friends (and maybe some of the AFOLET TEAM !!).

    Greetings Luigi


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    Hello Signe and greetings to all the Ambassadors and the LEGO Team. FOTOGRAFIA COSTRUTTIVA is close to all Lugs, which at this time can not do physical events. Fortunately there is the web, online and other media! For our part, not being able to exhibit the photographic exhibitions, we grow the activities on the "network" through all our channels, very followed. We are having a strong growth in interactions and a lot of people are getting closer to the community. Thank you all for the ideas and curiosities that you transmit on the LAN. We hope that this time will pass quickly so that we all see each other again in the events! We miss your company and your hugs!♥️

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    Aucklug has been using zoom to hold our monthly meetings, also encouraging build off which images are sent in for judging via polls during the meetings.  we are getting good engagment and attendance whilst having some kind of normalcy during our lock-down in NZ


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    Hello to all, we have just made a virtual meeting, I will post the resume on the community activities, Let's wait for better times...

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