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    Sara Skahill

    Last week we learned about friendship and teamwork in the Enfield office by taking a break to watch the first couple episodes of Voltron Legendary Defender (can you believe some of us hadn't seen it?) and build the new LEGO Ideas set 21311 Voltron.

    One of the many wonderful things about this set is that each of the five lions comes with its own instructions booklet, allowing the four of us to each build a lion. I took on the blue lion, while Darryl did the yellow, Tim did the green, and Alyssa did the red. Tim finished first and had the honor of building the black lion – who is much bigger than the others, while Darryl got to do the sword and shield.

    Then, in the spirit of teamwork and coming together and other wholesome themes from the show, we assembled Voltron. It was kind of a big deal.


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    That black lion was no joke. I love the Technic turntable and gear arrangement used for the shoulder joints. Great work, everyone!

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