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  • [Community Manager Weekly] Yay, it's May!

    Kim Ellekjær Thomsen

    So we finally got to say a proper hello to the sun this past weekend, it felt like summer!

    Well sort of, and it was only briefly - now Mr Rain and his friend Chilly Winds are roaming again. Nevertheless, May is here and so is a lot of activity in office.

    The June wave of LEGO sets has landed in our basement storage and with that came quite a few of the Marketing Driven Reviews that we offer through the support for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media. So I have been busy getting orders in, on behalf of the various themes, for review copies of the giant Apollo set from LEGO Ideas, the new Creator Expert Carousel and the DC Super Heroes Girls sets as well.

    It's a bit odd to hold the Summer sets in your hands, when you mentally already are planning activities in 2018. Our department and especially our team has taken great strides this past year to get in front of the cart and we are beginning to reap the fruits of that. We are where it counts and we are part of a lot of superawesome projects and plannings that should bring great things back to the community.

    On top of that I've been busy preparing various topics for next week, when all the Community Managers will be right here in Billund for a week of discussions and preparations for the new installment of LAN that we are super eager to roll out to the community within long. I am personally very pleased with the platform selected and with the amazing cooperation we have inside the department and with our external partners - it is going to be a fantastic journey ahead for all.

    Then I am also in the final planning stages for the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days which are getting closer every day. The Interview Day has been planned and now I need to finalize the bookings of the themes and their designers as well as getting all the practical details around food and tours done. Hopefully I will find a couple of hours to get that done next week in between all our meetings and talks.

    Once the next couple of weeks are wrapped up and done, it is time for another round of interview offerings, a trip to the Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend and preparing for a couple of weeks of summer vacation. So time sure flies when you are having fun and I do have loads of fun - though it is a bit stressful every now and then. 

    This Monday we had Fanabriques visit us as part of the HQ Visit Program for recognized communities. It was a great day and, as usual, spending a day in the AFOL community is really energizing and fills me with ideas on how to do more and improve what we are already doing.

    Tomorrow, or today, as this is a scheduled post, is a day off here in Denmark. I am looking forward to spending it with my family and hopefully Mr Rain and his buddy Chilly Winds will go away and allow for some of that beautiful Danish Spring weather to drop in and complete the day. If not, then we'll just dress for the occasion and still have a great time.

    Have an awesome weekend, take care and "Always be Yourself, Unless You can be Batman, then be Batman!"

    Edited by Kim Thomsen | LEGO

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