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  • [Community Manager Weekly] Walking into the year of the rooster

    Jacky Chen

    Posted by Jacky Chen on January 27th 2017


    Dear AFOL community,

    The saying says "good things come in threes", however I'm breaking that loop from having Kim for the 3rd CMW blog in a row. So yes, it will be me to share a little bit of my excellent January in Asia.

    As most of you might know, quite a lot Asian countries will celebrate the Chinese New Year from today as the New Year Eve according to the Lunar Year Calendar. Once a year, families will be reunited no matter how far you've been going. Feast will be served and the red pockets will be given to those younger kids as good wishes. Based on the Chinese Zodiac, it's the year of the rooster starting from tomorrow, that's why you've been seeing various rooster MOCs from the Asian AFOL community. I have to say, so many of them are really beautiful!


    Back to the working life. Yesterday, Jan, Paul, Kim and I went through the list of new sign-ups for RLUG/RLFM in the last cycle. We are very excited to see a great number of potential RLUGs and RLFMs, the next step will be us going back to the applicants with acceptance, declination or request for further information within February. So sit back and wait for our new friends to the LAN.

    From last September, three Chinese RLUGs were invited to build a 1.5m x 1.5m diorama for showcasing in the new LEGO Shanghai Hub. Their ambassador selected nine talent builders while the traditional Chinese architecture was decided to be the theme. After four months of coordination and hardworking, the diorama finally managed to be assembled and installed in the new Hub which are still under construction two weeks ago. Here's the spoiler but the background has to be removed due to confidentiality. So cool, isn't it?


    Last but not the least, the 2nd registration period for Japan Brickfest 2017 (aka: Kobe Fan Weekend) will open until February 28th. Don't miss the chance if you are interested in participating and displaying your model over there.

    Okay, that's pretty much for this week. I wish you all have a great weekend and Chinese New Year! See you next week and never forget - Gong Xi Fa Cai!



    Edited by Kim Thomsen | LEGO

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