• [COMMUNITY MANAGER WEEKLY] The RLFM Meet & Greet Day in Enfield, CT

    Kim Thomsen

    IMG_5821.thumb.JPG.ffd8089fe38a98e0e803481bbb2a04c8.JPGSo today we had the pleasure of getting a visit at LEGO HQ in Enfield, Conneticut, USA from 12 North American and Global Recognized LEGO Fan Media.

    On August 17th I could finally send out the invitations for the first ever Recognized LEGO Fan Media Meet & Greet Day in Enfield.
    I was surprised to see that 12 of the invited Fan Media accepted the invite despite the short notice and having to carve out time from their real life schedule and jobs - I was not expecting that, but it happened and I am really grateful for that.

    Thank You for taking the time and for making this a day to remember for me and certainly also for my marketing colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. in Enfield who participated.

    16 representatives showed up and gave presentations to each other, the LEGO Community Engagement department and the invited LEGO colleagues from LEGO Systems Inc. 

    The day provided great opportunity to network between the RLFM and to provide loads of great input and feedback which I will make sure to bring back with me to Billund and bring to future discussions on improving our support structure and cooperation with the Recognized LEGO Fan Media.

    The day also marked my final day in our Enfield office for this time.
    Hopefully I'll be able to make the trip again next year and perhaps I might even be able to persuade the right people to do another RLFM Meet & Greet if that happens.

    Again, Thank You all for coming - I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to finally meet those of you with whom I've only been communicating and talking through e-mails and the occasional phone call.

    Pictures courtesy of Paul Striefler.

























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    Many thanks to the LCE team and all the staff at Enfield for inviting us and making the day such an awesome experience. It was also a real pleasure to meet with the other RLFMs who attended.

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    Thanks for having us all out for this! It was a great way to connect with other Fan Media and experience some of the inner workings of TLG. I hope we're able to do more of this in the future!

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